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Weekend Herbal Seminar

Welcome to all the new NUHS students! I hope you had a wonderful first week of classes.  Also, welcome back to all the returning NUHS students! 

For me, this is the start of my final trimester for my MSOM. I am filled with anticipation and excitement to see what this trimester will bring. This trimester, I am taking my boards and exit exam in addition to completing my classes for my MSOM.  

NUHS faculty member HB Kim

For many upper trimester MSOM degree (herbal) students, this weekend was the beginning of HB Kim's Herbal Treatment Strategy seminar. I blogged about HB Kim, LAc, and his accomplishments a few trimesters ago. He is the author of several books used by the AOM students at NUHS. He has two seminars offered in the NUHS AOM curriculum. One seminar is Acupuncture Treatment Strategies (blogged about previously) and the Herbal Treatment Strategy seminar. These seminars are crucial for furthering students' knowledge and understanding on acupuncture and herbs. HB Kim has a gift for helping students build on the knowledge already gathered. He helps us advance what we have already learned and built upon, prepares us for board exams and expands our clinical knowledge. I believe his seminars are instrumental for preparing us for board exams. 


Most herbal students have been looking forward to this seminar since the beginning of the herbal part of the NUHS program. As the pictures illustrate, everyone is in a pleasant mood and happy to be participating in this seminar. Through the intellect of HB Kim, we are being taught the intricate details of single herbs and herbal formulas. Chinese herbs are written in pinyin, Latin, and English. The way Chinese herbs are used and administered is very different from biomedical pharmaceuticals. That stated, many students have felt overwhelmed and intimidated by learning Chinese herbs during some point of their education. I can think of two distinct moments I strongly contemplated dropping herbs from my degree. I am very thankful I decided against that idea.  

In my opinion, Chinese herbs are instrumental in aiding the patients' health and progress. There are many conditions that the combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture can successfully treat. The advancement in the patients' well being often happens rather quickly when herbs and acupuncture are combined. Additionally, herbs and acupuncture are able to restore well being to some conditions that biomedicine is unable to affect or takes a long process of taking biomedical prescriptions.  


Being in this seminar is aiding me, and all of the students, in how to further compartmentalize and deeply understand the usage and theory of herbs. It feels very satisfying to be participating in this seminar with my peers, especially given the struggles most students experienced initially in the herbal classes.

Weekend Learning

One of the benefits of being an NUHS AOM student is having the privilege of taking seminars taught by HB Kim. HB Kim is a brilliant man who has conceptualized many patterns and concepts of acupuncture and oriental medicine. He has written several books and articles including Handbook of Oriental Medicine and Minibook of Oriental Medicine. He has a forum on where many of his articles can be located. 

2011-10-10_hb KimI took my first seminar taught by HB Kim this weekend--Acupuncture Treatment Strategies. I learned a great deal. I feel he took what I have been learning and fit the knowledge into patterns that I did not see before, and I feel that I learned many new concepts as well. Kim's seminar has shown me that AOM is a vast medicine that in some ways has little ceiling to what it can treat and how it can be combined.   

While I thoroughly enjoy being an AOM student, the combination of recent stressors and demands of school has caused school to feel a bit worrisome at times. This weekend's seminar reminded me why I fell in love with AOM. It helped me rekindle my passion for the medicine that has been there, but had less of a flicker lately due to recent events. 

The information taught in the seminar reminded me that thousands of years of knowledge and practice have been combined through many great minds and masters of oriental medicine to bring us where we are today. I have been reminded that through the simple use of needles and herbs, combined with a strong knowledge base and skill set, patients heal and lives change. While I realize that is not always the case, it is nice to know it occurs much of the time and is the goal we are striving towards.

Another aspect of this weekend's seminar that was very nice was the fellowship of my classmates. It was so wonderful to be learning in an environment that is based on encouragement and positivity. Each class began at 8am, which feels rather early for a weekend. It was comforting to be surrounded with good friends who were excited to be learning the information together. Every student was there to learn and was eager to gain the knowledge HB Kim was sharing. Being surrounded by colleagues in this environment is so beneficial when learning new information.