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Acupuncture - Essential Health Benefit

As mentioned in previous blogs, I graduate this trimester. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at NUHS. I have felt privileged and thankful to have the opportunity to write this blog every week. Next trimester, there will be a new AOM blogger. The new blogger is Dia Pfleger. She is an amazing and inspiring woman! 

Dia Pfleger with President Winterstein at the White Coat Ceremony for AOM students

Dia Pfleger is a married mom with five wonderful children. She has also worked well pursuing her studies at NUHS. In Dia's words: "I became interested in alternative medicine three years ago when my son Mykael, now age six, was diagnosed with severe/ADHD autism. My interest also led to my career change from a corporate human resource manager for the past 10 years to pursing my master's degree in AOM."

In addition to being a busy mom and career woman, Dia is involved with many volunteer activities, and is also pursuing additional degrees and certifications. I hope you find Dia and her writing as motivating and insightful as I do! I have known Dia since her first trimester at NUHS and have felt inspired by her from the first day we met!

From Dia's perspective, "I have always believed that one person can make a positive impact in another person's life, but we first must begin with our 'self.' " I hope you take the time to read Dia's weekly blogs starting in January. I believe Dia has a lot of wisdom and awareness to share!

Petition for Change

Dia recently wrote a very interesting article regarding making acupuncture an essential health benefit. Since this week is election week, I thought it was very pertinent to share her thoughts. Since she wrote it, some changes have occurred to the website. You may find additional information about acupuncture as an essential health benefit at You may also sign the petition to help make acupuncture an essential health benefit via a link on this AAAOM website.

Dia wrote:

The Future of AOM May Be Threatened In Illinois

It rings true that one person can make a difference and we can make a difference here at NUHS. There are many issues active right now that are dramatically threatening the future of acupuncture practice in Illinois and nationally. The top topics that may have a future impact on AOM students and current AOM practitioners in Illinois are:restrictive dietician laws that could influence your ability to practice herbal medicine and give nutritional advice based on traditional Chinese medicine.The third topic in Illinois is the process of determining which services will be included as Essential Health Benefits under the state's insurance exchange. Acupuncture and licensed acupuncturist services immediately fall under the following 10 ten categories of ACA health benefits: ambulatory patient services, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance use disorder services, rehabilitative and habilitative services, preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management, and pediatric services.I want to note that this petition regarding the state's insurance exchange will be presented to Governor Quinn and the Health Care Reform Implementation Council if we areable to generate more signatures.

Recently, organizations like the ILAOM are currently working to oppose this bill and also include Acupuncture and Licensed Acupuncturist services as EHB's in Illinois' Essential Health Benefits (EHB) Benchmark plan. If you have not already, please take a look at the petition below from our partner, the National Health Freedom Coalition, and sign and share. (Information provided below)

I want to encourage students and faculty to sign the online petition and write to the National Freedom Coalition. It only takes one person to make a difference and there is strength in numbers to oppose this bill. Acupuncture as an Essential Health Benefit: The petition has reached over 1,000 signatures and we need 3,800 more signatures!

PLEASE SHARE AND SIGN! We want to show the legislature how Illinois citizens feel about this issue. See (works best on Safari and Firefox). 

Action Needed in Illinois
Oppose Senate Bill 2936 as written and
request health freedom exemption amendment!

OPPOSE and AMEND Illinois S.B. 2936, the Illinois Dietitian Licensing bill! Illinois' current monopolistic dietitian law is scheduled to be automatically repealed in 2013 and Senate Bill 2936, introduced in 2012, is attempting to extend the law until 2023. The Illinois Dietitian and Nutrition Services law is one of the most restrictive monopolistic dietitian laws in the U.S. and needs to be repealed.

National Health Freedom Coalition
PMD 218
2136 Ford Parkway
St. Paul, MN 55116-1863