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Sending Love

Originally, I was writing this week's blog about AOM's ability to treat hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD). I have chosen to post that in a future blog. After the events that occurred 7/20/12, the shooting in Colorado, I feel pulled to blog about this instead of HFMD. I didn't personally know any of the victims, but my heart has hurt for them and their loved ones. I have no interest in blogging about the man who committed the heinous act, but instead, the desire to support those whose lives have been shaken as a result of the evil act.  

I cannot begin to understand how the family members of the victims feel at this time. I cannot imagine how the girlfriends' of the men who died saving their lives feel. It overwhelms me to think about how the parents and loved ones of the children who died feel. I am unable to grasp how any of the victims struggling for life and their loved ones feel at this time. Every life in this world counts, regardless if another deems otherwise.


As President Obama stated in his address, this event reminds us life is fragile and to hug our children and loved ones a bit tighter tonight. Sadly, the families and friends who lost their sons and daughters, spouses, best friends, and more cannot give that extra hug we are so fortunate to do today, and for many days to come. I feel in addition to giving our families extra love, we should also send loving energy and prayers to those hurting. 

In AOM, we are taught a form of medicine called Qi Gong. An aspect of Qi Gong involves meditation. In one of the meditations, we are guided to go up to Universal energy. For some, Universal energy means God, the Dao, Divine Spirit, and so on. One's underlying belief system can be personal to them and should not act as a barrier to participate in the meditation. The important thing is to go into absolute good Universal energy and meditate in it. While meditating in this energy field, we are taught to think the word or image of love. Once our whole being and meditation space is filled with love, we are taught to project this love to a specific area for the purpose of healing. I believe it would be extremely beneficial for all of us to do this meditation daily, sending the loving energy to those suffering from the effects of the Colorado shooting. Since love is infinite and limitless, we are taught we can send love to all those it is the highest good to receive. 


If you're open to it, please give this meditation a try! I believe, even the smallest ripple affects the waves that move the ocean. We can each be a ripple that unites for the good of humanity! If you have any questions about the meditation, please email me at