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This is my last week of classes! I'm filled with anticipation and excitement for what this next chapter will bring. I am thankful to all of you for reading my blog. I appreciated your emails and feedback. Writing this blog has been a highlight of my week over the past two years. While graduating feels exhilarating, leaving this blog, NUHS clinic and classes, and daily interactions with my friends/students feels bittersweet. 


The parting from NUHS feels bittersweet because in many ways NUHS has become like family. Looking back at the past couple of years, I have spent almost as much time at NUHS as I have spent at home. Then, when I have been home, NUHS has been prevalent through homework, studying, and papers. NUHS was a dominant role in my life, so now that I'm graduating, I realize all the parts of NUHS I will miss. That solemn feeling is partnered with gratitude for all NUHS has offered me. I have learned information and experienced opportunities more than I imagined upon enrolling at NUHS. I desired to work with pediatric patients, PTSD patients, in a hospital setting, write a scholastic blog, learn AOM information rarely found in books, and much more. But, I assumed many of these experiences would come once I graduated. I am so thankful I have experienced all these and more, allowing me to bring a much broader skill set into my practice.


Now that the chapter of earning my MSOM is closing, I have a new career chapter opening. I will be going into practice treating all conditions. I am specializing in pediatrics, fertility support, and pain management. I have many goals set for this chapter of my life. My primary goals are along the lines of teachings I read many years ago by Mother Teresa; they are very simple: "Love strongly, do as much good in this world as you can in as much time as you have. Remember, love first begins by taking care of those at home." These teachings are the main foundation of all my other goals in life!


Thank you again for reading my blog. I have enjoyed writing it each week. Next trimester, Dia will be the new AOM blog writer. An introductory blog was written about her a few weeks ago. I am sure you will find her blogs very informative and helpful! 


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!!!


Recently, NUHS did some filming for an informative video regarding the university and its programs. A part of the process included filming NUHS students in the various programs offered by the school. Students were interviewed about their perception of NUHS, what the programs offer, and how they see their future as a result of their education at NUHS.  


I was fortunate to be an AOM student interviewed for the film. The filming process was very professional. Students went through an initial round of interviews. After the preliminary interviews took place, students were contacted if the production company decided to use them for the film. Those students chosen to be filmed were given a date and time that worked with everyone's schedule for the filmed interviews. All students were to arrive hair, make-up and wardrobe ready.  


My filming day was last Thursday. When I arrived, the make-up artist touched up my hair and make-up. Next, it was time for the filmed interview. The filming took place in front of a green screen. The director and crew were very welcoming and created an instant feeling of comfort. The comfort level greatly encouraged a genuine atmosphere for the filming process. 

During the interview, a spectrum of questions was asked regarding NUHS. After the interview was finished, the production crew and NUHS marketing representative thanked the interviewees and the interview was complete. 


Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the interviews and filming. It was an enjoyable process that further helped me understand my perception of NUHS. Hopefully, this film will help prospective students have a deeper understanding of NUHS, and how it feels to be a student!

AOM Pinning Ceremony

This week was an exciting week for AOM students. For the first time since the AOM program began, acupuncture and oriental medicine students were given a pinning ceremony.


From my perception, the pinning ceremony is much like a rite of passage acknowledging the students' advancement into the NUHS clinic. To me, it signified the authenticity of our medicine and the honor we must hold in it while administering it to our patients. I felt very fortunate to be a part of this ceremony.

2011-10-25_Kim Dad

My dad came to watch the ceremony, which meant a great deal to me. As I mentioned in previous blogs, I am very close with my family and having my dad there was very special. My mom was at a conference in Hawaii so she was enjoying sun and sandy beaches instead.

I think it is beneficial when NUHS holds these types of events. These ceremonies allow us to include our family in the development of our education, which helps bridge understanding in what we are learning and accomplishing.


The ceremony was very nice. There were three speakers, James Winterstein, DC, president of the university, Frank Yurasek, PhD (China), assistant dean of AOM, and Bruce Hodges, DC, associate professor of clinical sciences. Hyundo Kim, PhD, the chief AOM clinician, and several professors including Hui Yan Cai, MD (China), PhD (China), and Jia Xu, MSOM, LAc, were also at the ceremony. It was a privilege having these faculty members at the ceremony on behalf of us and our program. 

2011-10-25_Observers _Interns

2011-10-25_AOM-pinned -students

I felt very motivated when I received my pin, shook the president's hand, and then wore the pin on my lab coat for my dad to see. I felt motivated to continue to study hard, honor my patients and their well being, apply myself to AOM, and apply AOM to my patients in the best possible way. I am not sure how to explain how a pin can help enhance these feelings, but somehow, the pin is filled with inspiration.