Another Trimester Comes to an End

This week marks another end to an NUHS trimester! As I've blogged previously, this is a time of endings and beginnings. Many classmates are preparing for the fall trimester. Some students are graduating. Others are deciding to begin a new adventure as an NUHS student! 

One event that happens near the end of every trimester is our clinic lottery. This is the time we sign up for our upcoming clinic shifts. It's called a lottery as it is based on seniority and chance. Groups divided by seniority enter the clinic room. Then, we draw numbers to sign up for our clinic shifts. Being a senior intern, this is a fun social time for me. 

Signing up for the clinic shifts lottery.

When I began at NUHS, the AOM student population was small. It has grown significantly over the past couple of years. It continues to expand each trimester. As a result, I think the lottery can be a time of luck and chance for the new students in determining their upcoming schedule.

Looking back at this past trimester, I think I experienced a great deal of education in class and clinically. The experiences I had at Stroger Hospital were priceless. I feel the patient interactions along with advancements in my clinical knowledge exceeded my expectations. Being a rotating resident at Stroger's offers a new depth of understanding in patient care and application of AOM. I am thankful to be invited to continue this opportunity next trimester!

Swans and their cygnets on campus.

I also experienced many increases in responsibilities in my home life. I was stretched by many circumstances. These circumstances helped me learn how to further balance being a student, resident/intern, mom, and more. I find it fascinating that some how everything always comes together. It seems the heaviest weight when trying to balance home life and school is my perception that they will be hard to balance. As I learned in Tai Chi, once I relax into the flow of events, everything comes together. It's when I resist or worry about them that stress prevails. So, much like "push hands," a Tai Chi exercise, when I relax into the flow everything balances each other.

Thank you for reading my blog each week! I look forward to sharing more with you next trimester!!!