Recently, NUHS did some filming for an informative video regarding the university and its programs. A part of the process included filming NUHS students in the various programs offered by the school. Students were interviewed about their perception of NUHS, what the programs offer, and how they see their future as a result of their education at NUHS.  


I was fortunate to be an AOM student interviewed for the film. The filming process was very professional. Students went through an initial round of interviews. After the preliminary interviews took place, students were contacted if the production company decided to use them for the film. Those students chosen to be filmed were given a date and time that worked with everyone's schedule for the filmed interviews. All students were to arrive hair, make-up and wardrobe ready.  


My filming day was last Thursday. When I arrived, the make-up artist touched up my hair and make-up. Next, it was time for the filmed interview. The filming took place in front of a green screen. The director and crew were very welcoming and created an instant feeling of comfort. The comfort level greatly encouraged a genuine atmosphere for the filming process. 

During the interview, a spectrum of questions was asked regarding NUHS. After the interview was finished, the production crew and NUHS marketing representative thanked the interviewees and the interview was complete. 


Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the interviews and filming. It was an enjoyable process that further helped me understand my perception of NUHS. Hopefully, this film will help prospective students have a deeper understanding of NUHS, and how it feels to be a student!