Lombard Lilac Parade

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining a group of my friends for the annual Lombard Lilac Parade. (Lombard is known as the Lilac Village and the parade concludes the annual two-week festival.) The parade is a wonderful community event, and takes place near NUHS. There were many local organizations, businesses, schools, and volunteers that participated in the parade. During the parade, participants came into the crowd and surprised us with face painting. I left the parade with stripes on my face, which brought many laughs.

2012-05-22_Lilac -Parade ---Kim -face -paint

2012-05-22_Lilac -Parade ---Lilac -Court

2012-05-22_Lilac -Parade ---Lilac -Court

I went to the parade with my son. We joined one of my very best friends, family and a group of friends. I have included pictures of some of my friends and parade watchers to show what a great community event the parade creates.

Kim describes her view of the Lombard Lilac Parade

After the parade, many residents have parties and cookouts celebrating the day's festivities. I have included pictures of my friends and the party I attended.

2012-05-22_Picnic ---Group -Photo

2012-05-22_Picnic ---Parsons -2

2012-05-22_Picnic ---Kim -and -Kim