Pediatric Colorpuncture

As I have been studying AOM, I have fallen in love with pediatric AOM. I have previously blogged about Tui Na, but this week, as an extension of explaining acupuncture, I'd like to write about colorpuncture.


I am still in the process of learning colorpuncture and have only used it on pediatric cases. From my understanding, colorpuncture is also referred to as color therapy, and is a method of returning the body to harmony using lights. It is believed that the body has either a deficiency or an excess of certain light, or photons, at a cellular level. This deficiency or excess is causing the body to create disease and/or disharmony and illness. By placing specific colored lights on certain points on the body in a specific sequence, it is believed and shown in various studies, to replace or shift the cellular photons that were deficient or excess, helping return the body to a state of healing.


The truest form of facilitating colorpuncture that I am aware of is by using a light with colored crystals on the end. The combination of the color of the light and vibration of the crystal promotes a profound healing effect on the body. Personally, I have not purchased the full colorpuncture set yet, but have found using a color-changing flashlight works very well. I have used it on many pediatric cases and had significant results. The effects of colorpuncture continuously fascinate me.

In this week's pictures, I have some illustrations of pediatric colorpuncture. Since I am using a flashlight, it looks different than what a true colorpuncture wand looks like. There are many forms of colorpuncture treatments, which allow many illnesses and diseases to be affected. Many of these therapies use the same points as acupuncture treatments.


In one of the pictures, I am placing the light on the umbilical region, which is Ren 1. As you can see, the patient enjoyed the treatment and even helped with the treatment. The patient even started giving their stuffed animal a colorpuncture treatment! 


Some of the areas I have seen the most profound results with colorpuncture in pediatric cases are eczema, anxiety, night terrors, autism, ADHD, colds, and flu. I have found it works very well when combined with other AOM modalities as well. I am still learning about colorpuncture and all that it is able to affect, but so far, I'm rather amazed by its abilities!