The Zoo - Time for Fun

After completion of last week's NUHS exit exams, it was time for some fun! This weekend my family and I went to the Brookfield Zoo. Since I was a child, I have enjoyed going to the zoo. In addition to seeing the animals, this weekend many companies, families, and volunteers were decorating their sponsored Christmas trees.

2012-11-26-tree _small       2012-11-26-tree2

Lining the walkway of the zoo were hundreds of Christmas trees. While we were walking around, we had the opportunity to see Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts hanging handmade ornaments on the trees. The kids smiled with excitement as they hung their carefully crafted ornament. 


I have included pictures of some of my favorite handmade ornaments. Many of the decorations had a theme of recycling and environmental awareness. Two of the pictured ornaments are a decorated container and a decorated soda bottle. What creative ideas! I'm excited for my family to make these, too!



We didn't stay until dark, but saw thousands of holiday lights ready to be lit once the sun set. This is the season for Brookfield Zoo lights. The zoo is normally a wonderful family environment, but with the holiday spirit in the air, patrons were even more friendly and happy.


I felt fortunate to have this opportunity to relax and laugh. I have learned through my scholastic journey that it is crucial to stay focused on studying and schoolwork, but it is equally important to take time to have fun and enjoy the journey.



My mom is a retired college professor. Growing up, I remember her telling me at the start of each semester, she would tell her students that they needed to study and keep up with the class work. She would follow that with sharing they also needed to do at least one fun thing a week to help them balance out all the hard work. I have integrated that as one of my personal philosophies!