Reaching Your Goal

I recently had the opportunity to interview Erika and Carlin. Erika is currently an NUHS AOM student. She is in her final trimester at NUHS. She has already successfully passed one of her boards, and is currently in the process of taking her national AOM boards. Erika shares with us how this experience feels for her.

Carlin is an alumna of NUHS. She graduated with her MSOM last trimester. She has completed all her licensing boards and is in the process of preparing for her herbal board. To become a licensed acupuncturist in Illinois, practitioners are required to pass 3 boards: Foundations, Acupuncture Points, and Biomedicine. To receive herbal certification, an herbal board must also be passed.

I hope this video helps you have an idea of how it feels to reach the desired goals as an AOM student. If you are considering becoming an AOM student, hopefully this video conveys how gratifying it feels to begin attaining graduate and professional goals.