Being an NUHS Student

The NUHS campus is home to many beautiful plants and flowers. The foliage appears infused with life and vibrancy. While looking at them, I feel their energy spark extra joy inside me. I instantly begin smiling when I see them.


These flowers caused me to think about the usage of a flower to symbolize essence in AOM. Essence is core energy comparable to one's genetics. The flowers caused me to think about how we to sprout up from a seed. We have the ability to bloom into so many directions. I then wondered what brought each student to NUHS. What caused them to bloom in this direction? 

In upcoming blogs I will have video interviews of current students. Right now, I want to take a moment to write about what a day in the life of an NUHS student feels like. Since I am graduating this trimester, I have found myself reminiscing on my journey thus far at NUHS.

I have spoken with several students regarding their experiences at NUHS. From the feedback I have received, it seems the first time a student begins to fully feel like an NUHS student is during the Orientation Day prior to the first day of classes. Orientation Day offers students an opportunity to meet fellow students and faculty members. Initially, we are unaware of each student's enrolled program. This offers an easy way to meet each other and ask questions to learn more about one another. During my Orientation Day, there was an exciting energy and optimism in the air.

Typically, the next time the new student is on campus is to attend their first class. While this is often an intriguing time, it can also be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, the new students are able to connect with each other allowing everyone to feel at ease. There are also many upper classmen and faculty members on campus ready to help answer questions.


For many students, I think the first year can feel both demanding and very rewarding. Some students attend NUHS directly from their undergraduate program. For these students, the intensity of NUHS curriculum can be challenging and motivating. Other students attend NUHS for the purpose of a second career or extension of their current career. Many times these students are familiar with the fast pace and high demands, but may have become unfamiliar with daily studying and homework expectations. I think the first year of NUHS classes brings many transitions. Fortunately, these shifts find a balance and yield a high level of satisfaction.

From what I have been told and experienced myself, the first year of the NUHS scholastic lifestyle comes into place with a healthy and comfortable ebb and flow. By the final year of classes and clinic, most students are filled with anticipation of upcoming career opportunities. Many students complete their licensing boards during their final year. Studying for boards while enrolled in clinic and classes can feel a bit intense at times, but it also feels very satisfying. It feels very fulfilling to realize all the hard work has brought the desired outcome of being a licensed health care professional in the chosen field of study.