Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone reading this has the ability to be surrounded by family and friends this Thanksgiving. I love this holiday as I think it is wonderful to have a day declared for giving thanks for all we have and all that has been. I know many people are facing extraordinary circumstances on a day-to-day basis. I hope this Thursday offers you some time for laughter, joy and freedom from anything that has been weighing on you. 

I hope we can all take some time this week, and every day for that matter, to solely focus on the joy in our lives and embrace all the goodness that we have in our lives, freeing us in those moments from any stress. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine and I am a firm believer in this theory! 

Hopefully you blessed and able to sit down to a lovely Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday shared with those you care for and love.  

Herbology and Thanksgiving

As you are eating, it may be fun to know some comparisons to foods from a Chinese herbology perspective.

2011-11-21_scallions                2011-11-21_gingerale

Many people snack on scallions and dip as a pre-dinner snack. Green scallions are called cong bai in Chinese herbology. Cong bai can be used in treating certain types of colds.

You may drink a glass of ginger ale with your dinner. Ginger is called sheng jiang and may be used to treat various conditions including abdominal conditions and symptoms such as nausea.

Another favorite dish many people enjoy eating during Thanksgiving dinner is sweet potatoes. If you substituted them for Chinese yams you would be eating an herb called shan yao. Shan yao is used for all ages, from infancy to elderly. Shan yao is an herb that is very helpful in treating many conditions including abdominal conditions and childhood developmental issues.

In Chinese herbology, many foods have medicinal properties. So, this Thanksgiving, I hope you have an extra smile as you drink your sheng jiang-ale and snack on your cong bai, knowing the fun correlation they have with Chinese herbology.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope it is a joyous day for you and your loved ones!