Biomedical-Based AOM Classes

While I've been writing about the oriental medicine (OM) aspects of AOM, such as herbs and auricular therapy, there is also a biomedical basis to studying AOM. The biomedical-based classes are often referred to as western, biomed, or allopathic classes. In short, they are the study of the physical body and its pathologies as opposed to the traditional OM philosophical-based principals. 

From my perception, the biomedical-based classes are just as important to understanding and applying AOM as the traditional philosophical classes. For some students, myself included, understanding the meridian system and OM concept of well-being has been more innate then the biomedical-based classes. But, even though the philosophy has seemed to integrate more naturally, I have quickly learned the biomedical aspect is equally important.

2011nov 1_exam1

I think initially I had a difficult time with the rote memory needed for anatomy. Over time, the anatomical terms began to make sense. Once I learned the physiological functions and possible pathophysiology related to the anatomical body parts, everything began to make more sense. 

While I have several favorite biomedical classes, I've highlighted the neuromuscular exam class in this blog. Neuromuscular exam is an informative class that teaches through theory and application. In this class, students learn how to perform neuromuscular exams on mock patients. While being taught the exams, we are given the purpose behind using the tests, the pathologies being tested for, and additional tests that may be needed. This is a helpful class for connecting anatomical and physiological functions with pathophysiology. It is also very useful in clinical use. 

2011nov 1_exam2

In the pictures, the professor, Ezra Cohen, DC, is demonstrating exams, including one way to do the chest-expansion exam on Morgan, an AOM student. Since this is a lab class, there are hands-on explanations of how to perform the tests and time to practice and apply the tests. There is plenty of time for questions and answers, so everyone has the ability to fully grasp and understand the material.

All the biomedical classes I have taken at NUHS allot time for questions and answers, making sure the students have enough opportunities to comprehend the information. I am thankful for this format, as I feel I have a better understanding of biomedicine with each class I take.