AOM Pinning Ceremony

This week was an exciting week for AOM students. For the first time since the AOM program began, acupuncture and oriental medicine students were given a pinning ceremony.


From my perception, the pinning ceremony is much like a rite of passage acknowledging the students' advancement into the NUHS clinic. To me, it signified the authenticity of our medicine and the honor we must hold in it while administering it to our patients. I felt very fortunate to be a part of this ceremony.

2011-10-25_Kim Dad

My dad came to watch the ceremony, which meant a great deal to me. As I mentioned in previous blogs, I am very close with my family and having my dad there was very special. My mom was at a conference in Hawaii so she was enjoying sun and sandy beaches instead.

I think it is beneficial when NUHS holds these types of events. These ceremonies allow us to include our family in the development of our education, which helps bridge understanding in what we are learning and accomplishing.


The ceremony was very nice. There were three speakers, James Winterstein, DC, president of the university, Frank Yurasek, PhD (China), assistant dean of AOM, and Bruce Hodges, DC, associate professor of clinical sciences. Hyundo Kim, PhD, the chief AOM clinician, and several professors including Hui Yan Cai, MD (China), PhD (China), and Jia Xu, MSOM, LAc, were also at the ceremony. It was a privilege having these faculty members at the ceremony on behalf of us and our program. 

2011-10-25_Observers _Interns

2011-10-25_AOM-pinned -students

I felt very motivated when I received my pin, shook the president's hand, and then wore the pin on my lab coat for my dad to see. I felt motivated to continue to study hard, honor my patients and their well being, apply myself to AOM, and apply AOM to my patients in the best possible way. I am not sure how to explain how a pin can help enhance these feelings, but somehow, the pin is filled with inspiration.