About Me

Juli _yelnick _webMy name is Juli Yelnick, and I am excited to share my experiences in being a wife, mother, teacher, and student of oriental medicine!

I began the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine Program in the fall of 2012, and I continue to enjoy that journey today. I've always been interested in natural living, and the need to reduce exposure to unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals becomes even more apparent when you become a parent. Through this program at NUHS, I am learning how to be well the natural way, and I'm happy to share that with others.

In addition to attending the evening AOM classes, I teach World Culture and American History classes at the college level. Anthropology has always been my research passion, so adding ancient Chinese traditions into the mix is nothing but fun for me! I love integrating what I learn at NUHS into the courses that I design, and I recently had the opportunity to co-author an anthropology textbook that explored the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate world cultures and values.

Currently, I am gearing up to coordinate a return medical brigade to Nicaragua through the integrative medicine non-profit organization Natural Doctors International. I'll keep you posted!