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Grand Rounds

Tessaundra Sidden presents: "Naturopathic Management of Chronic Pain: Modalities We Can Utilize to Address Our Patients Living with Chronic Pain Associated with Connective Tissue Disorders" Zoom Link: ALL ARE WELCOME!

Clinical Case Dialogue, The Future of the Profession, NM History, Philosophy

Clinic (room 539)

HOSTED BY: DR. FRASER SMITH Dr. Pamela Snider, and Dr. Bruce Milliman, who are leaders in naturopathic medicine, will share their insights into cases including how to integrate the entire range of therapies, including pharmaceuticals, into a truly naturopathic approach.

Grand Rounds

Chris Rivera presents: "Fasting & Nutritional Ketosis: Utilizing the Body's Mode of Preservation as a Therapeutic Tool" Zoom Link: ALL ARE WELCOME!  

White Coat Ceremony

SC Gym

Please join us for the Spring 2024 IL White Coat Ceremony.