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Korean Acupuncture Program: Foot and Shoulder Pain

This event has passed.

Korean Acupuncture Program: Foot and Shoulder Pain

Presented by: Dr. Hyunsam Lee, KMD, PhD.

Korean Sports Acupuncture was developed to deliver results – fast. It aims to help students and clinicians learn how to improve treatment of musculoskeletal conditions by using acupuncture techniques that are centered on modern biomedical viewpoints of the body. A series of case studies on patients complaining of Shoulder / Low back / Knee and Ankle pain will help illustrate how to apply techniques in the clinic right away.

  • Description of different types of sports injuries &
    musculoskeletal disorders
  • Crucial diagnosis points for accurate assessment and
  • Treatment timeline selection & Point location selection
  • Effective Application of Acupoints
  • Treatment protocol according to onset / after the injury
  • Effective clinical exercise methods

Please ONLY complete this registration form if you would like to get CE for this course. If you are NUHS Faculty needing CE, please email: [email protected]

This lecture is free. Everyone is welcome!