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Welcome to Fall

The sun is shining, the leaves are turning colors, and football season is in full-force!


I had the amazing opportunity to return to Columbus this past weekend to watch an Ohio State game this season. Since I've recently decided that I may not be returning to Ohio to practice, each visit home is cherished more and more. I was fortunate to go to the game with some fellow Buckeye fans stuck living here in Chicago, and we made some great memories on the trip to Columbus! :)


In recent weeks, my search for an associateship has focused on the Chicagoland area. Interviewing with practices has really challenged me to evaluate my personal goals as well as career goals. We spend over three years trying to determine what type of populations we want to focus on, what seminars we want to take, and what certifications we want to obtain! Until the interview process began, I didn't consider what criteria were most important to me when searching for an employment opportunity, and for me, money isn't the number one driving factor. I will keep you updated as the weeks continue!


Salvation Army is full of life now that our new 8thtrimester interns have begun at the clinic! We were all excited to welcome Monisha, Amanda, Brandon, and Andrew to our new "Salvy crew." I've finished many of the numbers required for graduation, so I am slowly introducing my patients to new interns so that they may continue care. It's rewarding to see your patients feel relief from their physical pain while they are also healing mentally and emotionally during their recovery.


With the enforcement of electronic medical records (EMRs), we interns have found ourselves keeping busy cleaning out patient files in the meantime!

Snowy Days in Chicago

Well, we knew winter was going to sneak up on us at some point. It seemed that a January without snowfall was too good to be true. According to the records, this weekend's blizzard was the 5th largest snowfall Chicago has ever seen. We're a lot tougher than we look in the Midwest! It was great to see people coming together to help salt sidewalks, shovel cars out of the snow, and share rides around the city. I never thought I'd see the day when I had to walk down the street to purchase a shovel that I needed just to be able to drive my car! Oh, the challenges of living in the city of Chicago!


When we have snow days at school, you have to take full advantage of the extra time away from class. I spent the past few days catching up with close friends, exploring new places in the city, and enjoying great food. For my Type A personality, it feels great to have a break from the normal routine of class and clinic!


Coming up this week, I'm looking forward to getting together with The Ohio Club members at National to gear up for events in 2015. It's exciting to share a common connection with fellow students interested in practicing in the same state and area, especially to support each other when making tough decisions about our futures! I hope that over the next few years, other state clubs are formed at National and can offer a sense of community for other students from different areas.


On another positive note, congratulations to the Clinic team (Trimesters 8, 9, 10) who won the dodgeball tournament at Tri-Games on Friday night! Although I was not in attendance, I heard the Clinic team rocked the court!

2015-02-03_clinicteam _800x 600

I'm looking forward to seeing the sunshine again this week and hopefully no more snow here at NUHS! :)

Chiro Games 2014

Some of my favorite memories from chiropractic school have been made on the beaches of Cocoa Beach, FL. Every year, all of the chiropractic schools in the US (and Canada!) come together in late October to have a great time and maybe earn some bragging rights along the way. :)


In the past, the Chiropractic Games traveled around to the different colleges, but in recent years, Cocoa Beach has become the prime location. Who wouldn't want to travel to Florida right when fall is setting in up in Chicago?


This year, NUHS put together both men and women's soccer teams, a co-ed softball team, and a couple individual runners. Among other sports offered at Chiro Games are flag-football, swimming, table tennis, hockey, and beach volleyball. Although I participated in the volleyball team in 2013, this time we were able to put together a softball team, and so I chose to channel my inner 8th grade softball player.


Saturday consists of pool play and casual games, and then the bracket is put together for Sunday's tournament. NUHS left Florida with a 3-3 record, which we were all pretty impressed with, considering some of the schools have teams that practice year round and we really just go for the fun! Both of our runners placed in the 5K race, Mike winning GOLD and Jenn winning bronze. They were very pleased with their medals and we were excited to come home with some National pride.



Chiro Games is a terrific opportunity to meet students from other schools. Despite our different curriculums and different philosophies, it is fun to be around people who share your passion and excitement for our profession. We made great friends with the students from CMCC in Canada, as well as conversing with other people from all different schools. I am so glad to have represented National for two years now, and I hope that I am able to enjoy my third trip to Cocoa Beach next October as a 10th trimester student ready to graduate!

Ambulatory Trauma

So I began chiropractic school, wanting to become a doctor, right? Here at National, many of us are taught and believe that the term "doctor" means primary care for patients. As chiropractors, we have a unique practice style, utilizing spinal manipulation, functional rehabilitation, and educating patients on beneficial lifestyle modifications. However, the term "doctor" also means being able to offer whole-body health and wellness, not just treatment to the musculoskeletal system. In addition to a portion of our education being focused on internal medicine, another course in our curriculum is about ambulatory trauma and emergency medicine.


Although DCs are not authorized to practice some of the interventions that allopathic medical doctors are taught, we still are able to provide efficient and thorough first-aid care in emergency situations. The course "Ambulatory Trauma" takes first aid and advances it to the understanding of a medical student or doctor. We learn how to evaluate different types of burns, wounds, and even how to care for shock victims. In lab, we have practiced measuring and using different ambulation devices, so that we may accurately help patients keep active after injuries.


One of my favorite parts of the course so far has been practicing suturing! Although suturing open wounds is not part of the scope of practice for chiropractors, it was still a very fun and interactive lab. (It also served as a reminder of my queasiness at sights of wounds and blood!) We learned about proper suturing techniques, the different methods of closing up a wound, and practiced these lessons on rubber arms in the lab.

In future weeks, we will be learning about assessing first-aid situations for spinal cord injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, and learning how to splint and co-manage these victims in emergency situations. This course is excellent practice for those of us looking to assist on the sidelines of sporting events or simply in every day situations that may arise. Although no one wishes for injury to occur, it is better that we are educated and prepared to aid in emergency situations!

As many of us at NUHS prepare for midterm season, I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

"Your life will become better by making other lives better."
-- Will Smith

You Mean I Have to Study INSIDE

Another week of gorgeous weather in Illinois, and I am finding it more and more difficult to study inside for our upcoming exams. During the day, you'll often find National students eating their lunches or reviewing their notes on the many park benches and tables we have set up around campus, but this is only a temporary activity. Many of us realize that by sitting outside and "studying," it's much easier to find yourself people watching, staring at the swans on the pond, or wanting to close your eyes and daydream. All right, it looks like I'll have to keep the sun bathing in moderation until midterms have passed.

Abdominal Exam

This week, we covered quite a bit of ground in classes. In our Phys/DX course, we continued to practice different regional exams of the body, specifically the abdominal exam and neurological exam. In phlebotomy lab, students are still perfecting their needling "abilities" and learning different techniques for drawing blood. Specifically, we are spending a lot of time on the butterfly needle technique and drawing blood out of smaller veins. It's definitely nerve-wracking, but a valuable experience none-the-less.

Phlebotomy Lab

On Friday afternoon, Student Council hosted the summer's Tri Games competition. The sport of the season was flag football, and like any other trimester, each group of students sported their tri's respective color and played for 4 months of bragging rights. I unfortunately was not able to attend the event, but I don't doubt it was a great showing! Maybe my 6th tri classmates took home the trophy? :)


My weekend was spent in Rochester, Michigan, for my older brother's wedding. As a Buckeye myself in a family of nearly all Ohio State grads, I never thought I'd see the day when one of my sibs married a Wolverine! Despite our differences, the two families came together and threw a terrific celebration.


Congratulations, Ben and Jenny! I loved the opportunity to get away for a weekend and spend time with my family, but I miss them already! It's a good thing I have plenty of studying and work to keep me busy now that I'm back.