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Radiology May Be the Death of Me

It's a pretty fulfilling experience to get to 8th Trimester, be an intern in clinic (finally!), and know you've made it through the majority of the curriculum in the chiropractic program. What they forget to tell you is how much time you'll be spending outside of the classroom studying radiology!

Now that I have passed courses evaluating imaging of arthritides, trauma, congenital deformities, tumors, and chest and abdominal pathology, they roll it all up into a big ball and say, "Here! Apply everything you've ever learned and read this black and white picture to tell me exactly what is wrong with this person." Here I am thinking, "Wait, you expect me to actually remember 2 years of radiology courses?" The answer is definitely "Yes," and I am conquering this challenge every day in 8thtrimester!


I am currently enrolled in two very important radiology classes: Positioning and Report Writing, as we like to call them. In one course, we spend hours in the X-ray lab, setting up the machines, calculating the numbers, and developing the films in the dark room. In the other course, we also spend hours in the X-ray lab, but instead reading the images in front of us, identifying the pathologies present, and writing reports that summarize our findings and possible diagnoses. It's quite a lot of responsibility, developing the skills to take the X-rays accurately so that we may see all the pertinent anatomy, and then to identify the patient's underlying pathologies so that we can take the proper measurements to resolve or manage their condition.

I will admit, I spend a lot of time with my nose buried in Yochum [Terry R., a 1972 NUHS grad] and Rowe, the bible of skeletal radiology textbooks. I'm excited to use my laterality markers (with my initials on them!) when shooting X-rays, and the Supertech is the coolest sliding, calculating toy for goofs like me. All of this studying will pay off soon, especially for Parts 2, 3, and 4 of National Chiropractic Boards that I will be taking over the course of 2015! Wish me luck! :)

Goodbye Tri 6

As the summer trimester rolls to an end, I've decided to reflect on the past 14 weeks to evaluate everything I've learned and the experiences I've had.

Trimester 6

Trimester 6 is a big deal, because it signifies the completion of your second year in the chiropractic program. I've walked away with the knowledge of performing a full physical exam on a patient, evaluating different types of lab work, and learning how to collect samples of my own for lab work. I learned about the protocol of performing blood, urine, and strep tests, as well as male and female sensitive exams. The jitters of "stab lab" eventually subsided and I began to appreciate the privilege that we have in our scope of practice to be able to perform phlebotomy. Holy moly, I punctured someone's skin and actually drew blood!



Between the three radiology courses I've taken, I've learned to identify and differentiate all the various types of arthritides that can occur, the various fractures commonly seen in trauma, and the red-flag signs of skeletal tumors and metastasis. We have been educated to not only perform orthopedic tests to determine what muscle or ligament is causing symptoms, but also how to identify these pathologies on imaging such as X-rays, CT and MR imaging.


Our pharmacology courses have given me the skills I need to converse with other medical professionals about various drugs and medications, in addition to educating patients about the potential side effects of the pharmaceuticals.


I learned first-hand how difficult is to develop a unique business plan, analyze the population demographics in a target area, and excel in marketing your brand and your practice to those people seeking health care.


The Bottom Line

Of the many things I have learned from my second year here in chiropractic school, the most important take away is this: WE have the opportunity to TRULY change peoples' lives through the power of chiropractic care. We listen to our patients, we relate to our patients, we have the power of physical touch and interaction with our patients. We are going to impact the health and lives of so many human beings, and THAT hope in itself is worth waking up for each day. Despite the endless assignments, group projects, quizzes, practicals, and written examinations, I know in my heart this is where I belong: earning my Doctor of Chiropractic degree at National University of Health Sciences.

I truly hope you have enjoyed reading my weekly blogs and that I've helped influence your life in some way. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have! Until September, take care everyone! :)

Sun, Study, and Socializing

Hello everyone! I know I've said it once, but I'll say it again: this weather is gorgeous! I am one of those people that thrive in sunshine, and my week's activities definitely reflected it.

Photo of Erin and friend at concert
Brad Paisley Concert

It was Week 4 here at National, and with classes back in full gear, there was lots of studying to be done. One of the most challenging classes in Trimester 6 is "Imaging of Tumors," where we are learning about all the possible bone tumors and how to differentiate them on traditional X-rays, MRI, and other various imaging types. Learning pathologies like these can be intimidating, but it's also a true reflection of our chiropractic education at NUHS. It is both a challenge and a compliment to be bestowed with such a well-rounded curriculum that teaches us to be responsible physicians. Some chiropractors choose to have X-ray machines in their practice, and some choose to send patients out for imaging, but whatever the case, it is critical that we are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of a more progressive disease such as skeletal tumors.

Photo of Sorority Lunch
Lambda Chi Sorority Lunch

Outside of the classroom, this week was a blast! To kick-off the summer, Lambda Chi sorority had its sorority lunch, catered by Pinched Mediterranean Grill, a locally-owned restaurant offering gluten-free, freshly made food. All of the girls enjoyed the opportunity to get together and enjoy a fun lunch hour while discussing some upcoming events this trimester. The goal of Lambda Chi is to offer more opportunities for us to practice our adjusting skills outside of class, but it's also to foster meaningful friendships among the women of our profession. :)

Photo of Sorority lunch
Lambda Chi Sorority Lunch

On Friday night, students from our school attended the Tri Mixer at Gnarly J's and Rita's Roadhouse, which was a perfect way to end a busy school week and take a break from studying.

Photo of students at Tri Mixer
Tri Mixer

I spent my Saturday night at the Brad Paisley concert with some girls from school, and then all day Sunday laying by the pool and studying for upcoming midterms.

Overall, this was a very well rounded week of studying, sunshine, and social events that will have to last me until midterms are over. Time to really hit the books! Enjoy the week ahead!