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Part 4 Boards - COMPLETE!

There is no greater feeling than knowing you have just jumped over your last hurdle in what seems to be the most exhausting race of your life. That's the metaphor I am using to describe this overwhelming relief of having completed Part Four (IV) of the chiropractic national board exams. I haven't quite reached the finish line yet to cross through that final threshold, but the only elements that stand between that graduation stage and me are four weeks and the unknown certainty of board scores.

A beautiful sunrise I witnessed driving down one morning from Chicago to Danville

The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, or as we refer to as the NBCE, is the organization which administers all components of chiropractic board exams, and they always have a six-week waiting period for scores to be graded and posted. All board exams up to this point had been written exams, consisting of oodles of multiple choice questions that covered the diverse curriculum of our education. The last series, Part IV, was a practical style of exam, which in my opinion, was much more nerve-wracking!

The exam took place over two days:

  • Friday focused on diagnostic imaging, where each of the candidates progressed through stations containing radiographic X-rays, CTs, and MRIs. This section evaluated our ability to read and interpret imaging studies, as well as determine the appropriate follow-up care or referral to other providers.
  • Saturday focused on case management and chiropractic technique. For three hours, candidates were asked to rotate through different stations where we were challenged with tasks of history intake, problem-focused orthopedic examination, physical examination components, and chiropractic technique skills demonstration.

Saturday was by far the longest and most draining day of the board exams, but I walked out feeling confident that I was amply prepared through my education at National University and with my weeks of independent preparation. It was great to spend time with my friends and peers again, those who I haven't seen much since beginning clinic at Salvation Army, even if it was only because we were all forced to convene in Davenport, Iowa, for exams!

My sister Liz and I relaxing on Saturday night after my long weekend of board exams

After the exams were finished, I came back to Chicago to spend Saturday night relaxing and decompressing from the long weekend in Iowa. I was excited to spend some time with my little sister Liz, who was in town briefly and was there to celebrate with me when I returned.

Over the next couple weeks, I will be finishing up my internship in Danville, preparing the last components of my Illinois license application, and gearing up for graduation. The last hurdle has now been jumped and the finish line is finally within reach!

10th Tri Sets In

I can't believe we are approaching October! Where has this year gone? Another week has passed, and things are starting to wrap up here in clinic.

No one ever complains when we bring donuts to clinic!

Our 8th trimester interns are really getting the hang of things around here, and they're beginning to take on much more responsibility with new patient exams and learning the details of the clinic. One intern, Andrew, sat in with me on a new patient visit and since then, he has almost completely taken over treatment.

View of the city from Navy Pier

Being an intern is quite a comprehensive task! We build up our tools throughout the curriculum, learning to take a comprehensive history, perform a full-body physical, and develop a treatment plan for the patient with appropriate outcomes to achieve. Oh yeah, and actually treating the patient! There are so many other steps in the process, and our clinical internship is the time where we really perfect these skills. Teaching a new intern the ropes makes me realize how much responsibility we have as doctors, and it really has been a challenging journey!

Birthday dinner at Bub City

KC and I celebrating on Friday night

Over the weekend, I celebrated my 25th birthday with some friends and fellow interns. I made it to a quarter century! We listened to live music at Bub City, one of my favorite country music venues in Chicago. I don't think I'll ever get tired of exploring this beautiful city!

Welcome to Fall

The sun is shining, the leaves are turning colors, and football season is in full-force!


I had the amazing opportunity to return to Columbus this past weekend to watch an Ohio State game this season. Since I've recently decided that I may not be returning to Ohio to practice, each visit home is cherished more and more. I was fortunate to go to the game with some fellow Buckeye fans stuck living here in Chicago, and we made some great memories on the trip to Columbus! :)


In recent weeks, my search for an associateship has focused on the Chicagoland area. Interviewing with practices has really challenged me to evaluate my personal goals as well as career goals. We spend over three years trying to determine what type of populations we want to focus on, what seminars we want to take, and what certifications we want to obtain! Until the interview process began, I didn't consider what criteria were most important to me when searching for an employment opportunity, and for me, money isn't the number one driving factor. I will keep you updated as the weeks continue!


Salvation Army is full of life now that our new 8thtrimester interns have begun at the clinic! We were all excited to welcome Monisha, Amanda, Brandon, and Andrew to our new "Salvy crew." I've finished many of the numbers required for graduation, so I am slowly introducing my patients to new interns so that they may continue care. It's rewarding to see your patients feel relief from their physical pain while they are also healing mentally and emotionally during their recovery.


With the enforcement of electronic medical records (EMRs), we interns have found ourselves keeping busy cleaning out patient files in the meantime!

Is It Summer Yet?

I know that discussing the weather is one of the most monotonous topics you can have, but it seems to be quite the topic these days! For the past three weekends in Chicago, the weather has just tanked from the sunny mid-80s to the rainy mid-50s. There's no doubt in my mind that the weather has a tremendous impact on a person's mood and well-being. Despite the dreary, chilly weekend with some very moody weather, I made the best of my time off!


One of my best friends, Michelle, visited from Ohio last weekend. I love having the opportunity to take friends around the big city and explore all Chicago has to offer! We did our best to sightsee the city from the Navy Pier Ferris wheel, however the fog was a little difficult to see through! We had the chance to spend Saturday afternoon on North Avenue Beach, and the scene was definitely a little more picturesque. :)


Life in 9th trimester is flying by! I'm finding myself constantly referencing old textbooks and notes, reviewing the best treatments for various musculoskeletal conditions and then applying them to patient care.


I've also found myself being much more focused on understanding Standard Process products and other various supplement companies. So many of the patients I see have underling nutritional insufficiencies, and even offering them a small dosage multivitamin can provide them with the building blocks for physiological function. As we've learned in school, addiction of any type has such profound effects on the physiology of the brain and the body, and sometimes the best treatments we can offer them are palliative care and supplementation to support overall health. Being in clinic is the perfect opportunity to try new things, figure out what works, and identify what doesn't. I have so much more to learn! :)

Wishing everyone a productive and positive week!

7th Trimester COMPLETE!

It's hard to believe that the fall trimester is almost over. With the holidays being so highly anticipated by students, it seems as though there is always something to look forward to that makes the time fly by.


This past weekend, I spent the Thanksgiving holiday at my parent's home in Ohio. I did my best to follow my own Thanksgiving recommendations, but it's safe to say that I still ate my share of satisfying, home-cooked calories! Having the opportunity to study chiropractic medicine is a blessing in and of itself, but then when I think about all the friends I've met, memories I've made, and life lessons I've learned, life really does seem wonderful. Every day I am in this challenging program, I am reminded how much I have to be thankful for.


Alright, so my weekend didn't stop there. I traveled to "old Columbus town" for the remainder of my trip home to spend time with college friends and watch the rivalry of the year, the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game. (This may be the point in my blogs where some people stop reading!) I have been and will always be a Buckeye alumnus and diehard fan, so this is commonly my favorite weekend of the year. I was able to catch up with friends from college that I hadn't seen since we graduated two and a half years ago, and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend revisiting college memories!

So now I'm back in Lombard, gearing up for 10 days of final exams, practicals, and papers. These are commonly everyone's least favorite two weeks of the trimester, when we find ourselves increasing our coffee intake and our eyes dry out from staring at endless notes. It's going to be a challenging period, but you just feel that much more accomplished by the end of it all. Wow, I'm going to graduate chiropractic school in just about one year!

My 4-week winter break is going to begin by moving to my new apartment in Lincoln Park, spending time in Ohio visiting friends and family, and taking a nice tropical vacation over New Year's! I'm really looking forward to a little R&R and a chance to unwind before the last year begins.

I wish everyone the happiest and safest of holidays! As always, I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about NUHS and our programs. :) Take care and enjoy the new year!