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Part 4 Boards - COMPLETE!

There is no greater feeling than knowing you have just jumped over your last hurdle in what seems to be the most exhausting race of your life. That's the metaphor I am using to describe this overwhelming relief of having completed Part Four (IV) of the chiropractic national board exams. I haven't quite reached the finish line yet to cross through that final threshold, but the only elements that stand between that graduation stage and me are four weeks and the unknown certainty of board scores.

A beautiful sunrise I witnessed driving down one morning from Chicago to Danville

The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, or as we refer to as the NBCE, is the organization which administers all components of chiropractic board exams, and they always have a six-week waiting period for scores to be graded and posted. All board exams up to this point had been written exams, consisting of oodles of multiple choice questions that covered the diverse curriculum of our education. The last series, Part IV, was a practical style of exam, which in my opinion, was much more nerve-wracking!

The exam took place over two days:

  • Friday focused on diagnostic imaging, where each of the candidates progressed through stations containing radiographic X-rays, CTs, and MRIs. This section evaluated our ability to read and interpret imaging studies, as well as determine the appropriate follow-up care or referral to other providers.
  • Saturday focused on case management and chiropractic technique. For three hours, candidates were asked to rotate through different stations where we were challenged with tasks of history intake, problem-focused orthopedic examination, physical examination components, and chiropractic technique skills demonstration.

Saturday was by far the longest and most draining day of the board exams, but I walked out feeling confident that I was amply prepared through my education at National University and with my weeks of independent preparation. It was great to spend time with my friends and peers again, those who I haven't seen much since beginning clinic at Salvation Army, even if it was only because we were all forced to convene in Davenport, Iowa, for exams!

My sister Liz and I relaxing on Saturday night after my long weekend of board exams

After the exams were finished, I came back to Chicago to spend Saturday night relaxing and decompressing from the long weekend in Iowa. I was excited to spend some time with my little sister Liz, who was in town briefly and was there to celebrate with me when I returned.

Over the next couple weeks, I will be finishing up my internship in Danville, preparing the last components of my Illinois license application, and gearing up for graduation. The last hurdle has now been jumped and the finish line is finally within reach!

Break Has Flown By!

For interns in clinic, we don't have the usual 2 weeks off between trimesters since we are no longer enrolled in classes, but the clinic tends to be quieter with less interns and patients. The past month has also been an awesome opportunity for me to enjoy the last weeks of summertime, focus on my job search, and really explore what I want to do after graduation.

Paddleboarding In Chicago
Paddleboarding in Chicago

In clinic, I'm nearly finished with all of my graduation requirements, but it seems as if I still have so much to learn! The past handful of patients I've encountered at the Salvation Army have been (mostly) females with chronic headaches, neck pain and low back pain -- a chiropractor's dream! It's incredible to see how powerful adjustments can be in terms of pain control and restoring function, so when you add in fascial taping, soft tissue techniques and active patient exercises, you see the best results! I even had one woman come up to the clinic specifically for weight loss and digestive complaints, so that was an excellent opportunity for me to bust out some of my training in nutrition and functional medicine!

Out with Friends

The job search is still moving forward, although I haven't reached my final destination yet. I have very few strings tying me down anywhere, so I'm keeping an open mindset! I will always be in love with Columbus, Ohio, and the idea of being close to my family, but I've also been considering other small cities such as Charlotte, Boulder, and even Chicago.

Chicago Cubs Game

Two months ago, I knew I was going to move right back to Ohio and resume the life I left behind three years ago. These days, staying in the Midwest in Chicago doesn't sound like such a bad idea! Interviewing with practices and doctors is intimidating, and it definitely forces you to conceptualize how you see yourself practicing. However, I'm also trying to go into each interview with an open mindset, remembering that every new graduate needs to learn the ropes from someone with lots of experience, even if that may not be the way you envision yourself practicing down the road.

Rockin' Out in Nashville

For leisure, I took a weekend trip to Nashville to visit Michelle, one of my best friends from Ohio, as we both celebrated our September birthdays!

Caitlin Visits Chicago

I had both my sister and friend Caitlin come to visit Chicago a couple weeks ago, and I spent one weekend in August visiting "The Fountainhead," Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

National Students Visit Palmer in Davenport

It's been a fun-filled and busy end to summer, and there's plenty more excitement to come this fall!

A Beautiful Memorial Day

Welcome back everyone, after a long Memorial Day weekend! I had been looking forward to this break for months, as it was the weekend my parents and sister came to Chicago to visit!

My parents

Both my sister and dad celebrate birthdays in late May, so they wanted to come and spend one last weekend in the big city before I graduate in December and say farewell to the state of Illinois.

My sister, Dad, and me

Our activities included sightseeing, brunch atop the Hancock Building, listening to live Blues music at the world-famous Kingston Mines, and wrapping up the holiday with a home Cubs game. What's more American than baseball?

My sister and I at brunch

Actually, one thing that is more symbolic of America is our patriotism. Every year, we commemorate all of the fallen soldiers who have served our country, and far too often do forget that Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. As a future chiropractor, I may never serve my country the way that our brave men and women have, but I hope to do my part by serving our veterans.

Through the work of our professional organizations, we are fighting to provide chiropractic care to our veterans within the VA systems across the country. Not only are we working to provide care on base to our active military members, but also within the TRICARE system to retirees, dependents, and survivors of our military men and women. With our collaborative efforts, we hope to someday provide the care and services our soldiers deserve. It is such a simple way to show our gratitude and appreciation for their dedication to our nation.

Now, having had the opportunity to reflect on the loves ones lost for such a noble cause, we can stride forward to provide much-deserved care to our veterans who are still among us.

Moving On Up

This past Friday was a tough day for all of us at the Salvation Army Clinic. We celebrated the last day for our 10th trimester interns, Jena and Andy, before they graduate in a couple weeks.


This was the final time that all of our interns would be together again, so we wanted to make the most of our shift! We all contributed to a delicious potluck, Jena and Andy "passed on" their treatment rooms to us 8th tri interns, and we had a whole morning of endless laughs. Congratulations to all of the 10th tri students who will be out in the field in less than one month!


As 8th trimester comes to an end over the next couple weeks, it's hard to believe this journey has flown by so quickly! I spent the Easter weekend in Ohio, visiting my boyfriend's family and enjoying a relaxing weekend at home. There's something to home cooked meals, card games, and playing bocce ball in the yard that truly makes me appreciate the slower pace of the real world. In chiropractic school, we commit ourselves to a rigorous program of classes, exams, weekend seminars, and hours in the library, so it's nice to be reminded of what life is like after professional school. It gives me the opportunity to daydream about how my life will be 8 months from now. :) Oh, how I'm looking forward to life after school!

As always, I hope everyone has a terrific week ahead, and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine as we grow closer to summertime in the Midwest!

7th Trimester COMPLETE!

It's hard to believe that the fall trimester is almost over. With the holidays being so highly anticipated by students, it seems as though there is always something to look forward to that makes the time fly by.


This past weekend, I spent the Thanksgiving holiday at my parent's home in Ohio. I did my best to follow my own Thanksgiving recommendations, but it's safe to say that I still ate my share of satisfying, home-cooked calories! Having the opportunity to study chiropractic medicine is a blessing in and of itself, but then when I think about all the friends I've met, memories I've made, and life lessons I've learned, life really does seem wonderful. Every day I am in this challenging program, I am reminded how much I have to be thankful for.


Alright, so my weekend didn't stop there. I traveled to "old Columbus town" for the remainder of my trip home to spend time with college friends and watch the rivalry of the year, the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game. (This may be the point in my blogs where some people stop reading!) I have been and will always be a Buckeye alumnus and diehard fan, so this is commonly my favorite weekend of the year. I was able to catch up with friends from college that I hadn't seen since we graduated two and a half years ago, and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend revisiting college memories!

So now I'm back in Lombard, gearing up for 10 days of final exams, practicals, and papers. These are commonly everyone's least favorite two weeks of the trimester, when we find ourselves increasing our coffee intake and our eyes dry out from staring at endless notes. It's going to be a challenging period, but you just feel that much more accomplished by the end of it all. Wow, I'm going to graduate chiropractic school in just about one year!

My 4-week winter break is going to begin by moving to my new apartment in Lincoln Park, spending time in Ohio visiting friends and family, and taking a nice tropical vacation over New Year's! I'm really looking forward to a little R&R and a chance to unwind before the last year begins.

I wish everyone the happiest and safest of holidays! As always, I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about NUHS and our programs. :) Take care and enjoy the new year!