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Closing the Chapter on Chiropractic School

As I was sitting down to write this week's blog, also my last blog as a chiropractic student, I realized that I have lately been saying a lot of "Goodbyes." Over a month ago, I said "Goodbye" to the Salvation Army clinic and my many friends who I spent endless hours laughing with and learning from. A few weeks ago, I said "Goodbye" to Dr. Owens and his receptionist Tammy at the Danville VA hospital, where I also made tremendous memories interacting with the veterans and working within the government's healthcare system. Instead of saying yet a third "Goodbye" to National, I will conclude my experience instead by closing the chapter and welcoming the next steps along my journey.

Chiropractic school has been one of the most challenging and rewarding decisions of my life. This week, four years ago, I was finishing up my fall finals at Ohio State and had just come home for the holidays, only to be surprised by a call from Karla Drew, one of National's admissions counselors. The phone interview with Karla was the beginning of a new chapter for me then, and I was thrilled when I received my acceptance letter in the mail a few months later, notifying me that I would begin studying chiropractic medicine at NUHS in September of 2012.

My White Coat Ceremony in September 2012.

The move to Illinois was unfamiliar and yet exciting. I spent my first year living in libraries, as many students do in any medical or professional program. Phase I of the program seemed to drag on, but by 2014, I had moved on to the clinical sciences in Phase II and was soaking up all of the information. I quickly became involved in our university, both in student organizations and with the admissions office, so I spent the majority of my free time getting to know my fellow peers and developing closer friendships.

In 2015, I moved to the city of Chicago to be closer to the Salvation Army clinic and to enjoy a new experience as a young adult. I quickly became infatuated with my neighborhood in Lincoln Park and was thrilled to explore the city in my free time. I grew close with my "clinic-mates" as we called each other, and I developed both my diagnostic and technique skills as a chiropractic intern working with Dr. Erin Quinlan. During my year in Chicago, I found myself falling in love with all of the people and places around me. I decided to forego my previous plans to return to Ohio and stay in Chicago following graduation from chiropractic school.

Soon to follow my brother Billy's footsteps at his NUHS graduation in December 2000.

It's hard to believe that the past years have flown by so quickly. I never imagined that this time would arrive! My experiences and memories at National changed my life, and for that, I am so entirely grateful. I believe that we as CAM professionals have so much potential to help others, if only we have the courage to speak up and initiate change in a society overwhelmed by pharmaceutical influence. The healthcare profession needs more chiropractors with big hearts and open minds so that we can continue to impact the lives of so many people struggling with chronic pain and disease.

It has been a pleasure sharing my experiences through my blog posts over the past two years, and I can only hope that you now feel more inspired to pursue a career in chiropractic medicine and come experience National University for yourself. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email at with any questions you may have.

In health,

Welcome to NUHS

During my [few] free hours of the school day, I work part-time in the Office of Admissions as a Student Ambassador for the chiropractic program. This position is a perfect opportunity to meet prospective students, field questions about the various aspects of campus life, and educate people about the many programs and degrees National has to offer. To those of you reading this blog who have been on a campus tour with me, I hope your experience was a pleasant one! To those of you who have not yet visited our campus in Lombard, give the Office of Admissions a call today (1-800-826-6285) for a personal tour! I hope this brief summary will entice you in the mean time:

"Hi, I'm Erin! Before we begin, please feel free to interrupt me at any point along the tour, because I know I can sometimes get carried away as I go! I'm currently a 6th trimester student in the chiropractic program, but I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have regarding the other programs we offer here, such as naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture, oriental medicine, or our bachelor's program."

Lake Janse

"As we walk through Janse Hall, you will notice an array of classrooms and labs, many of which have been remodeled and renovated within the past two years. We have three interactive classrooms for classes and meetings in conjunction with our Florida program. You can also see the changes to the campus store and new student lounge that will be opening up this fall!

Biochemistry Lab

"Our newly renovated biochemistry and anatomy labs offer unique and collaborative learning environments for all of our students in the basic science phase of the doctoral programs. Downstairs, you will see our four technique labs, each room with different tables used for different manipulation techniques. Both chiropractic students and naturopathic students begin learning manipulative therapies starting as early as the second trimester of classes!"

Technique Class

"Now, we're going to head outside so that I can show you around the rest of campus. We still have yet to visit our LRC, on-campus clinic, student center, and on-campus housing. As you can see, it's a beautiful summer day here in Lombard, so many of our students are enjoying their lunch hour outside in the sunshine. Don't forget to put on your sunglasses as we head out the door!"

Relaxing Next to Lake Janse

This was an example of my 1-hour tour, condensed and cut off to less than 300 words! If you are interested in getting a FULL tour of our Lombard campus, sitting in on a classroom experience, chatting with current students, or getting more information about our various programs, please feel free to contact the Office of Admissions! I look forward to seeing you on tour! :)