Welcome to Fall

The sun is shining, the leaves are turning colors, and football season is in full-force!


I had the amazing opportunity to return to Columbus this past weekend to watch an Ohio State game this season. Since I've recently decided that I may not be returning to Ohio to practice, each visit home is cherished more and more. I was fortunate to go to the game with some fellow Buckeye fans stuck living here in Chicago, and we made some great memories on the trip to Columbus! :)


In recent weeks, my search for an associateship has focused on the Chicagoland area. Interviewing with practices has really challenged me to evaluate my personal goals as well as career goals. We spend over three years trying to determine what type of populations we want to focus on, what seminars we want to take, and what certifications we want to obtain! Until the interview process began, I didn't consider what criteria were most important to me when searching for an employment opportunity, and for me, money isn't the number one driving factor. I will keep you updated as the weeks continue!


Salvation Army is full of life now that our new 8thtrimester interns have begun at the clinic! We were all excited to welcome Monisha, Amanda, Brandon, and Andrew to our new "Salvy crew." I've finished many of the numbers required for graduation, so I am slowly introducing my patients to new interns so that they may continue care. It's rewarding to see your patients feel relief from their physical pain while they are also healing mentally and emotionally during their recovery.


With the enforcement of electronic medical records (EMRs), we interns have found ourselves keeping busy cleaning out patient files in the meantime!