NUHS Homecoming 2014

This past weekend, National held its annual homecoming event, marking the 51st year of our establishment on our Lombard campus. Attending as a student, I was so graciously sponsored by a National alumnus, Dr. Holly Furlong, who has been very involved with the chiropractic profession and our university since her graduation. The weekend was jam packed with clinical case presentations, vendors, and phenomenal speakers educating students and alumni about current issues of the chiropractic profession.

One great highlight of the weekend was watching the installation of a new time capsule into the foundation of Janse Hall. At last year's 50th anniversary, the administration removed the time capsule initially placed in the building during its establishment in 1963. This year, Dr. Charles Tasharski, who witnessed the installation as a new student in 1963, helped reinstall the time capsule this year, a tremendous milestone in our university's history.

President Stiefel did his best to get NUHS up to the 21st century by plugging #NUHShomecoming2014 throughout the weekend. Although we really appreciated his effort, I think current students were the only ones participating in "hash-tagging." :)

Throwing up the hashtag with President Stiefel

The homecoming festivities were great networking experiences for many of our current students, as well as educational opportunities for our chiropractic physicians. We learned about using ultrasound as a non-invasive, non-ionizing diagnostic tool to evaluate the neuromusculoskeletal system, and it's even more exciting now that we have an ultrasound for student use in our clinic system! And one of my favorite lectures was about the upcoming change from ICD-9 to ICD-10 diagnostic codes, a huge transition that will be taking place throughout America's health care system.

At the banquet event with Dr. Cox

We also had the honor of meeting Dr. James Cox and learning about his Cox Flexion-Distraction technique that is taught in our curriculum and so widely used in the chiropractic profession.

Saturday night, we concluded homecoming with an alumni banquet/gala. What girl doesn't love getting all dressed up?


Seeing our alumni have such pride in their alma mater was truly inspirational to me as a student. It makes me excited to be involved after graduation and gives me hope for a successful, rewarding career as a chiropractor. All of this hard work in school is worth it! A tremendous thank you goes out to our alumni department for putting together such a wonderful weekend for all our alumni and students. I look forward to participating again next year! #NUHShomecoming2014