About Me

Hey!  My name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Lisa.

About -elizabethA little background on me: I grew up in Elgin, Illinois, so I am not unfamiliar to the Midwest winters. As a child I loved taking care of others including my younger brother and knew whatever profession I chose would also revolve around helping others.

I became acquainted with acupuncture in my teenage years after a soccer accident. I had torn a few tendons in my ankle and the orthopedist put me in an air cast to heal. My mother, who has always been health conscious, dietarily and environmentally, took me to her chiropractor who was licensed in acupuncture. I had never had acupuncture and since I hated needles was a little scared, but to my dismay I barely felt the needles. The acupuncture helped me heal in a more than timely fashion because when I went for a check-up, the orthopedist couldn't believe how fast I was healing. Ever since then I knew I was hooked. After that I would go to the acupuncturist when I had sinus infections or colds and especially when I was in pain!

My career path has led me down many avenues but after the company I was working for was laying people off including myself, I knew there was no better time to follow my dream. That's when I looked up National. My chiropractor graduated from National and highly recommended the university. I started in late 2005, enrolling first in the bachelor's program and soon after in the MSOM program. I met my boyfriend, who is now my husband, in the bachelor's program and we moved to Glen Ellyn. We love the Chicagoland area because there are so many things to do, places to shop and a variety of restaurants.

At National, I have taken a variety of classes in eastern and western medicine and biomedical sciences. The integration of the two really benefits the students and prepares them for a world that is accustomed to conventional western care. That's why I chose National because my professors are at the top of their field and have the knowledge and experience to share with us.

Enjoy my journey as I continue through the trimesters and don't hesitate to email me if you ever have questions.


-- Elizabeth
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