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Never Ending Herbs

Last week I shared with you my HB Kim seminar class. This week I am going to tell you a little about what we do in the class. I mentioned that we attend 3 Single Herb classes, 2 Formula classes, and 6 seminar classes, which discuss topics from internal medicine and OB Gyn to dermatology. We utilize our knowledge of the basic classes to help formulate prescriptions for the case subjects of our senior classes. However, I have to say, nothing compares to the insane amount of material we go over in two weekends and then have to study. Insane is good, but hard. 

Elizabeth -chart _web2

Now, I don't want to scare you, but do want to give you the reality of the program. Mind you, we have reviewed all of the herbs and formulas before. However, the overwhelming factor kicks in after the fifth hour on Sunday when you have just gone over 199 herbs and have 50 more to go. Next week, we are reviewing 134 formulas in 15 hours. Each formula consists of many individual herbs as well as dosage, which we need to memorize. 

Elizabeth -herb -cards _webWe have a quiz next week, which I am studied for this past Memorial Weekend. The quiz will cover herb categories. This will probably be the easiest test we take in our herbal ventures. As students working in the clinic, we do use and see a lot of the same herbs over and over, but there are a few that escape your memory and those are the herbs and formulas we will study the most.

I plan on using my formula zoo cards to help me study for the formula portion. These cards were an investment, but definitely worth it if you are a visual learner like I am.  The cards contain funny pictures to help you remember the formulas' functions and properties (cooling, warming, bitter or acrid etc.). This trimester I definitely have my work cut out for me. It will be a challenging but a rewarding semester.

P.S. If you haven't checked out the school's new and improved website, go and explore!  See you next week.

Coming soon, I will update you on our graduates in China!


Hey there, this week I wanted to write about the balance between school, work, family, and fun. You can't always be all work and no play!

For the last four years, since I started at National for my bachelor's and now master's, I have spent most of my weeknights and weekends studying at a coffee shop. Most people might think I am crazy, but unless you have photographic memory you must make the time to study. Some classes may require more time than others. Many instructors in the AOM program give you a taste of the material, but expect you to read or do research on your own. Don't take this the wrong way, you will have time for family and friends, but it requires balance.

This is the fourth week of school and many instructors give quizzes, but my instructors this trimester are changing it up and giving them during the fifth week.

So instead of studying, since it was my husband's birthday last week, we decided to spend last weekend in Chicago for the Annual Snow Days. We enjoyed walking around Grant Park and took in the dog sledding demonstrations and expansive ice sculptures carved by local organizations. They were so beautiful and large, probably 7 or 8 feet tall! We also enjoyed a warm meal at an eclectic restaurant called Aria. The weekend was a lot of fun! 

Elizabeth -snowdays

However, this weekend was SUPER BOWL Sunday and I spent it at a coffee shop studying for two exams. But I wasn't disappointed because I had fun last weekend and I realize it's a balance. You have to give and take. I have a supportive family that understands my commitment and desire to succeed and they realize I won't be able to participate in every "get together." 

The Oriental Medicine program, as well as the other programs offered at National, requires time and dedication, but I believe it will allow one to evolve into an exceptional practitioner!