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9,000 Needles

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All those wondering about the effectiveness of acupuncture should save the date, 3/15 and 3/16 at 7pm to come to National University to see the famous film "9000 Needles." The film follows a 40-year-old stroke victim who after exhausting all of his other options travels to Tian Jin University in China, to see what acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has to offer in aiding his recovery. After the film, one of my favorite professors will be speaking about his experience with stroke. Dr. Yihyun Kwon received his DAOM in China and wrote his thesis on stroke.

So don't miss it!!  The film will be showing in our Student Center. Hope to see you there :)

Psychopathology Midterm

Hey there, everyone, well I made it through my psychopathology midterm.  It was as I predicted, hard. There were 10 questions, three of which were essay and the others short answer.  One of the short answer questions was a seven-part essay with in-depth descriptions in each part. We had two hours in which to complete the task and I, like always, used the whole time but definitely could have used another half hour. I guess I am just a slow test taker.  

Herbal Seminar 4 Midterm

My second test was on Friday and even though I have studied throughout the trimester, I still feel like I didn't have a grip on all of the info, however, the test wasn't that bad. Herbal Seminar 4 also was essay and short answer questions. Essay questions are practical in this part of our education because they simulate a real patient. These herbal seminar classes take herbs to another level because not only do we need to know the function of the formulas (in pinyin), but also we now have to memorize every ingredient and dosage. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining; I am preparing those future herbal students for what is to come.

So much coffee has made it difficult for me to sleep and a few nights I don't fall asleep 'til 4:00am, which is frustrating. So I did my body a favor and went to get acupuncture myself and Dr. Cai helped me modify a few formulas to suit my TCM pattern diagnosis. 

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Granules are an addition to the herb room. Granules are raw herbs but better because they are already cooked and all one has to do is dissolve them in hot water and drink. So of course, with my hectic schedule I prepared them in granule form. They look and smell so good. A plethora of colors!  But don't worry we still offer raw herbs and patent formulas.

Good Ole Midterms

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Can you believe it's Week 9 already? The weeks just seem to fly by especially when you have a jam-packed week. Lately, I have been adding to the craziness by going in early on Mondays to treat a patient who can only make that time, so last Monday was 13-hour day at school. But I treated myself with an acupuncture treatment on my day off, Thursday.

However, for the past three weeks I have been going in on Thursday mornings to help out in the herbal pharmacy. I used to work in the herb room and when I did, I felt more confident in my herbal strategy so I've begun to volunteer. It's a great learning experience because we are treating a Hepatitis B patient with herbs who has been improving over the last few months documented by the lab work she receives every month.   


Ask any student and even the calmest will say they feel a little more stirred up when midterms come along. After being at National for over 5 years (including my B.S.) I have definitely learned to chill out more around test time. But midterms still have me staying up a little later studying. I have learned that the calmer one is when taking a test, the more you will remember. I especially couldn't get through midterms without my husband who gives me encouragement and makes me home cooked meals that feed my brain's glucose need. 

Currently I am studying for three midterms, one of which is for Psychopathology, in which every question will be in essay form and should be at least a one-page answer, states Dr. Delfosse, our instructor. I enjoy the class because it helps me realize what some of our mental illness patients are experiencing.

One of the topics we have discussed is PTSD, short for posttraumatic stress disorder. Auricular acupuncture works exceptionally well at treating the symptoms of PTSD. We use a protocol called NADA, which has been used all over the world for recovering addicts. We currently treat PTSD veterans of war for free on Thursdays at the clinic. So spread the word!

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The picture is of me studying with the help of fuzzy feline, Kitty.

Happy 4th!

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What a nice long weekend to end Midterm Week - and actually the week wasn't as bad as I expected because a few of my exams were postponed to another week. Midterms were midterms and a little hectic. Luckily, I work for the Office of Admissions and they allow me to take off work for tests or quizzes, which allowed for more study time. I still have three midterms but being spaced out makes it more manageable.  

Happy Birthday Nation!

I had the opportunity to see two town's fireworks this year. Wheaton had theirs on Saturday and my husband and I got the opportunity to see them from the top of a parking garage in downtown Wheaton probably five miles away from the actual site. Others had the same idea and were camped out up there. We were able to see the higher ones and the grand finale. On Sunday, we went to visit family in Elgin for a barbecue and see the fireworks in St. Charles, a family tradition. We were able to get front row seating and man was it great! The fireworks were practically on top of us. It was a spectacular show with what seemed like three grand finales! Great job, St. Charles!  

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Down to Business…

My husband is in business class and he has been completing our business plan throughout the trimester. We only have a year left to go and it's kind of scary once you start crunching numbers and realize how much it is going to cost to start up a business. Completing a business and marketing plan has been a grueling process for him and me, when I have time to help him.

Banks require a precise business plan with everything from what your marketing strategy is to whom your target population is, as well as growth and much more. The business class consists of different speakers weekly or bi-weekly. They each have different areas of expertise and advice to help navigate you in a positive direction. However, some students in the past have said it needs to be updated. I am not quite sure what that means, but my husband has benefitted much from the class. I will most likely take the class next trimester and I will be more able to describe what we learn.

The business plan is very consuming and on my husband's mind non-stop, which can be very stressful. That's probably one of the reasons that graduates join other practices, because it is an easier and maybe a safer route. I believe that opening a business is the right pathway for us, but there are other options such as teaching, working in hospitals or other clinics, working for resorts or in spas. Either way, there is something out there for everyone.

Illinois is pretty flooded with chiropractors but not as many acupuncturists. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because the public is more aware of what chiropractors do and have to offer, but detrimental because it can be difficult to bring in new business. There are many marketing strategies but you need to find the one that will best depict your practice and who you are as a doctor.

Tidbit:  Americans spent over $34 million in CAM therapies in 2007 and the number is growing. Americans want other options and are seeking them out.

Western Physical Diagnosis

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Hey there, it's officially midterms and as you talk to your peers you will definitely hear the stress that midterms bring. My tests are fortunately spread out within a three-week span, which may or may not be a good thing. 

But I get a break from exams with my Western Physical Diagnosis class taught by Dr. Ezra Cohen. Our class focuses on examining clinical cases using the western skills we have learned. Dr. Cohen is passionate about teaching students that a patient is a complex being with many factors that play a part in their condition. Not only do you have to consider their physical signs and symptoms, but also their psyche, self-care and environment.

The physician must not only be able to ask a myriad of questions, which will often be answered by only one word, but must master gathering a narrative and asking open ended questions. Often times the physician will have had most of their questions answered and the patient will feel "heard" and not cut off after 20 seconds, which is the typical interruption time of the allopathic visit. Physicians must be skilled listeners but also ask the right questions.  

Dr. Cohen states there are three mindsets of most patients: restoration, chaos or quest.

  • Restoration mindset patients go to the Dr. to be "fixed." They don't take control of their health and seek to be healed and to move beyond what has happened in their life situation. These patients want the "magic pill."
  • Chaos patients are in such a state of chaos within their health, family or job that they don't expect to be back to their original health state. These patients are often pessimistic and very hard to treat.
  • Quest patients are seeking to be well. They have a clear sense of themselves and others and their future but when they are ill they often will loose sense of these. They need the guidance to get back on track and they often follow through with lifestyle or diet changes.

Having a small group of students in our class allows us to explore topics and go beyond the typical structured class setting.  

Until next week, wish me luck on my exams : )