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Oh, What a Trimester!

Oh, what a week it has been. Wednesday, I took the biomedicine portion of the board exam and what an exhausting day! The test was 100 questions with a time limit of 2.5 hours and I took the whole time. I think that was because by the time I took the exam, I was so burned out from studying for it that my brain was moving at snail's pace. I studied materials that were specifically geared towards boards plus all of my class material - pathology, orthopedics, pharmacology, microbiology, CPR, clean needle technique, physiology, and other materials. 

Needless to say, I think every student walks out of boards saying, "Oh my gosh!" From what my friends that took the boards said, I definitely had different questions. I feel National gave me sufficient biomedicine classes plus everything from my bachelor's, and I felt I was ready to take the exam. However, after taking the exam, I would like to see more case studies being utilized in the classes. I am confident I passed the exam but without knowing for sure I am still a little uneasy. So wish me luck! 

No Time for Rest

This weekend I had my second HB Kim seminar. This seminar was focused on "Herbs and Formulas." The class is held over two weekends (Saturday 8-6 and Sunday 8-3) because HB Kim travels from Kentucky to teach it. I enjoy the class and the material but it is a lot of information to process in one weekend. 

Web _Elizabeth -seminar"Herbs and Formulas" seminar with HB Kim.

Dr. Kim provides excellent handouts and he presents in a way that engages all learning styles. He is a wealth of knowledge and he makes the class very enjoyable. He has studied extensively with many famous doctors and he has read and interpreted all the Classics of TCM. The students have all had three materia medicas, two herbal formula classes, and some senior seminar classes. We have learned all of the herbs and formulas, but seeing them again in a different format with a different teacher brings a different perspective. He also discusses things such as Dui Yao, or two herb combinations, that we are not formerly taught. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Kim and his classes. I think National is extremely lucky to have him. 

Happy Halloween


As an adult I still like Halloween - carving pumpkins and dressing up or seeing scary movies - it's all fun! This year I didn't get to carve a pumpkin but I did watch a scary movie and hang out with friends. It was much needed after an aggravating Friday.  

I am two trimesters from graduating so I decided to take a look at my credits to see if everything was kosher and to see what classes I still needed to take; I would rather be safe then sorry.  

I started in the Acupuncture program when it was transitioning from the first director to the previous dean, Dr. Kwon. Dr. Kwon had made some changes to the program like adding some science classes and changing credit numbers around since the first rendition when I started. Needless to say I was a little irked when I discovered I might have to do independent study to make up for some missed biomedical classes. The only reason it really irked me was because I have taken every class and even two extra classes according to the bulletin I started with. After taking a few breaths, I then decided to talk to the current assistant dean, Dr. Yurasek. He advised me to set up an appointment with him and Dr. Kwon to discuss my transcripts so we could iron everything out.  

I received my bachelor's from National, and I believe National is an excellent school with an excellent philosophy. The professors are great and they stay up to date on the changes in health care. This said, every school has its glitches and as adults and students we must be accountable for ourselves. I have learned as a student you must also keep excellent records of every document you receive from your school, especially if it involves financial aid and the money you are borrowing.

Well, that's my advice for all the future students - keep track of all documents, study hard and stay on top of your game, and you will do great!