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Halfway to Graduation

Holy cow! It's the start of the eighth week and only eight more to go 'til the big day. The weeks seem to fly by. I have already applied for graduation and need to check if I have completed all of my university and community service hours. It is best to start early on in the program because before you know it you will be graduating.

Community service hours are volunteer work done throughout the community, possibly helping with a relay race or at a food shelter. University hours are done on campus and there are many possibilities, such as helping with the recycle program. 

Pulse Club

We have a newly formed Pulse Club, founded by Noel Jensen, the president of the AOM club. They have had two meetings that meet random days to try to accommodate everyone's schedule. It can be hard to find the perfect day because even though all the students have night classes, some have morning or afternoon clinic shifts that are hard to work around. 

In the club, they are listening to a 5-part seminar by Jimmy Chang, a well-known acupuncturist and expert in reading the pulse. The seminars can be taken individually through the Lotus Institute. Weekly free webinars on various topics are great for students. There are a few of these free webinars online, just Google and sign up on their email list to receive weekly reminders. I have watched a few, namely on inflammation and pain, common pediatric syndromes seen in clinic, and a fertility webinar. 

More Good News

My husband recently received his score on the Part 4 chiropractic boards and he did very well. He scored high enough to practice in any state in the U.S. Two states require 100 points higher than the others and he surpassed that number. So now we have a new dilemma of whether to stay in Illinois or move to a warmer state?

2011-06-27_HubbyMy husband and I.

It's usually not until the last few trimesters that students start thinking about where they will practice and whether they will open a practice, independent contract, work for another medical professional, or continue their education. National does provide an Alumni link on our website where other professionals can advertise. Job offers, practices for sale and even equipment for sale can be found. Acupuncture Today, a publication for acupuncturists, has a classified section as well as the state AOM organization. Many possibilities, it's just finding the one that suits you is the hardest decision. Well, wish me luck.

A recent grad that moved to China to teach and intern has made a trip back to Illinois. Hopefully, next week I will have a blog about her experiences in China.