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Summer Is in the Air

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This past weekend was so NICE! My husband and I were able to enjoy the weather strolling around Geneva before we buckled down to study. Yes, it's finals time already. Time flies when you're having fun. I have a few finals this week and the rest next week. But before I talk anymore about me I have a big secret...

National University of Health Sciences' Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program has been accredited by the NCCAOM!! Oh my gosh, I think I was the last to hear because apparently the word has been out for a while. All of our administrators' hard work paid off. We will be accredited until 2016 when NCCAOM will come to recheck all of the checkpoints.

NUHS has the opportunity to be the best AOM university in the U.S. We have the facilities to do much research, which unfortunately is lacking in our field. We have a few clinics, and most importantly we have a cadaver lab in which we are able to dissect a human body to experience where all of the muscles and organs are and how the needles can affect those structures. No other AOM university has that.

During break I will be studying for my first board test, the biomedicine portion. This exam is only offered 3-4 times a year so I have scheduled to take it in May. It won't be so bad because it will refresh everything I have learned from the last five years attending National. 

Also during break, my husband and I will be office shopping again because we have 5 more months until we graduate. It's exciting but scary at the same time.  

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Laura is in the picture modeling the Po Sum oil many students use to do their bodywork, which includes guasha, tuina or cupping. There are many oils to choose from but usually one with a viscous texture factor is good. All of the mentioned modalities are good for treating sore muscles, colds, constipation, and much more.

This and That

Site Visit

The site visit wasn't as bad as everyone made it sound like it would be. I think the university and the students were well prepared for the members of the accreditation site team. The program has made improvements since they last came and I feel confident we met their standards. The program is still new and it does have its growing pains (such that I felt with having to make up an extra credit of Biomedical Science). However, the school itself is prestigious and the teachers in the program are top notch. 

Nutrition 101

Speaking of top notch, our Western Nutrition class is great. Dr. Keith Hartley, a National DC grad, teaches the class. He makes the class enjoyable because he lectures in terms not above our head and shares clinical information useful in real life encounters. There are some classes that give all the facts but don't present them in a manner that can be utilized outside the classroom, but not this Nutrition class. It is enjoyable because not only do we learn but also Dr. Hartley loves to answer questions.

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We have learned about digestion and all the mechanisms involved. We also have learned amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, and my favorite, the vitamins. We discussed water soluble and fat-soluble vitamins as well as minerals. We have talked about the different forms of vitamins and why some brands are cheaper than others, probably because they don't have the active form of the vitamin, which makes it almost impossible for the body to utilize and therefore is flushed down the drain.

Journal Club

Another neat thing we do is something called Journal Club. Dr. Hartley used to do these in his undergrad days, and what they are is just that, discussing journal articles. Each student gathers an article based on nutrition that they are interested in and passes it along to each student and Dr. Hartley. The next week, after having read the article, the chosen student also gathers articles that either support or disregard the topic. They then present the additional articles to the class and everyone discuses the topic.

For instance, Dr. Hartley prepped us with an article about the Atkins diet. The next week he shared articles that were in favor and against the diet. It is a fun way to keep up to date on research and not have to do all the work.

So needless to say, now that the trimester is coming to an end, it's the 14th week and finals are near, I won't mind studying because I really like all my classes this trimester. I hope you all had fun learning about my classes this trimester and let me know if you have any questions.

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The pictures posted are of Dr. Hartley teaching and Dr. Jia Xu, my Friday clinician, who I have blogged about in the past.

Turkey Week

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Thanksgiving week was a much-needed break after the previous week. The school week was only Monday through Wednesday. Unfortunately, I lost a day in clinic but my extra patient numbers will make up for the loss. I will also be making up a day of clinic during the break, when we're sure to have plenty of patients.

This Thanksgiving, I went down to Greenfield, Ill., to visit my grandpa and his second wife's family. It was wonderful to see my 84-year-old grandpa and family. We enjoyed catching up around the table with great home cooking. This visit was short but sweet as my family returned on Friday back to Elgin.


Site Team Visit

This coming week at National we are hoping for a short but sweet visit from the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The board members will be visiting from December 1-3. The last time they were at NUHS was in 2008 after which we were granted candidacy status toward accreditation. Since then, our program director and school have since been making the necessary moves to obtain full accreditation.

Our current candidacy status allows graduates of the MS in acupuncture or oriental medicine to sit for the National Boards and receive their license with passage of the boards.

However, we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the board members and are very anxious to reach full accreditation! The members will be visiting classes and clinic and various department heads and administrators. They will also meet privately with students. I personally believe the program will be accredited. Both Dr. Kwon and Dr. Yurasek have worked hard to make the program successful.  

Stay tuned to see what happens!!!

Flying By

Week seven has come and gone and now I am studying for midterms. I am also working on my business plan which is due in a couple weeks. Hopefully, Dr. Hodges our business professor is able to find someone from the Acupuncture field to talk about the ups and downs of going into business.

Speaking of business…On Wednesday, I helped my friend Jennifer present at the Lenore Cox Foundation Group. The group was set up to keep women and men informed on ways to keep the body young, healthy and mobile. Jennifer and I gave a presentation of ways to stay healthy in the fall and winter using food and qigong exercises.  

We kept the presentation fun and interactive which kept the group wanting more.  The group of mostly women seemed very appreciative to learn ways to combat the common cold, digestive disorders and insomnia.  This was a great way to experience what it will be like when I start to market my practice and the field of acupuncture.  It was also a great way to fine-tune my public speaking skills. The one thing I did learn was that I must learn how to interpret the lingo of TCM.  Words such as wind heat or constitution have no significance to the public. 

The school is also abuzz regarding the upcoming visit from the NCCAOM accrediting team.  National's AOM programs, since they are new, have been working through the various steps toward full accreditation.  The accreditation team's visit will take place on December 1-3, 2010. 

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Well enough talk, I have to get back to studying for my two herb exams.  The picture is of my Herbal Formula 2 class with Dr. Gary Xie our instructor.