Naval Cupping

I learned a new technique this week from a friend also in the OM program. It is called navel cupping. She found this technique online browsing YouTube. An acupuncturist in Australia, who specializes in infertility, uses the technique in her clinic and demonstrated how to do the technique. Women who are infertile often have "cold in the uterus" and moxa is used to warm up the uterus. 

My friend often has an abdomen that is cold to the touch and wanted to try this technique. Being a student in clinic is the best chance to try different techniques whether it be needle technique, new needle protocols or new modalities such as navel cupping. 

The Process

We began by collecting everything we needed and preparing it. We needed a warm glass cup as well as warm salt. The navel cupping is used to pull the cold out of the body. The thought is, why moxa and add heat if the body hasn't rid itself of the cold? By removing the cold, the yang qi may be able to flow and regulate the organs again.


The whole process took two hours but in the end it worked. I began by monitoring her abdomen temperature and other areas that are typically cold on her. I also used tender acupuncture points as a guide as well. I began by cupping the navel to pull out the cold. I also took pictures of her tongue to document progress.

After about an hour, I pulled off the cup because her belly was warm as were the other areas I was monitoring. I then used salt and ginger as a medium to moxa her navel. This took many sticks but in the end there was significant improvement. Improvements included a less purple tongue, a warm belly and ankles, a serene mood, and clearer sheen in the eyes. I am happy I was able to try and experience this new way of cupping and hopefully use it on other patients.



Graduation is closer by the day. As I am preparing everything for graduation I am also studying for my Herbal board and have yet to write a valedictorian speech. This has got to be one of the most stressful trimesters! My wonderful husband is supporting me and helping me in any way he can.

Many may think as the program nears the end it may get easier, but that is definitely not the case. It is bittersweet. I am joyous to be finally entering the business world and sharing my knowledge with my patients, but sad as I will miss my classmates and professors. But it is just the beginning of a great career.

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