As I stated in last week's blog, I planned to interview one of the graduates who went to China. 

A little background: Dr. Cai has connections with one of the hospitals in Xi'an and is friends with one of the hospital directors. More than a year ago, she set up a program for the students. In exchange for a year in China teaching English at Shaanxi University, the students are able to study in the hospital with the other doctors. The students are given housing and paid a minimal wage to teach. They also receive two months off in the summer to travel. Cherlyn, one of the herbal students, left in February to travel to China and is currently on summer break and visiting us. 



As I talked with Cherlyn at dinner, she stated what a big culture shock it is to be in China. They are living in one of the oldest Chinese cities and it shows. There were a few surprises that they have had to become accustomed to, such as the plumbing, but that is such a small quirk compared to the beauty of the city. Everyone is really friendly and like family. Many of the dinners are focused around "dim sum," which is like a big lazy susan where all the food is shared among those at the table. It's like Thanksgiving every night.


At the hospital, where she spends four hours a couple of times a week, she has enjoyed learning new techniques that are not taught in the U.S. For instance, they do a lot of herbal injections into acupuncture points. This could be for menstrual cramps, to induce labor, for Bell's palsy, and much more.

She has also seen them do a lot of blood transfusions. For example, the doctor will extract blood from the cubital vein and then energetically inject it into ST 36. ST 36, Zu San Li , is a very important and powerful point in Chinese medicine. In Chinese literature, it is often said to moxa this point every day to bring long life. 

She has also seen a lot of flash cupping done to the face for Bell's palsy. She said the doctors treat a lot of facial paralysis at the hospital. Cherlyn and her roommate Andrea, also a graduate of NUHS, have put together a website, Jouneys to Healing Medicine, to share their experiences and new knowledge. She says she really enjoys China and all the new experiences it brings her. She also likes the downtime to practice yoga every morning and read books she has always wanted.

2011-07-05_BalloonsHot air balloons at Eyes to the Sky festival in Lisle.

Well, that's all for now, I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July.

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