This weekend was of great importance for the school because it was Homecoming Week. The celebration brings together many people. All alumni are invited back to the school and often to an Oak Brook hotel where the event is held. It is much anticipated by many of the staff and planned for months in advance.

Many of the departments have tables where they display important projects or improvements to that department. Dr. William Bogar, chief of diagnostic imaging and residency, was at the hotel where he displayed many of his radiographic findings in light boxes.

Homecoming Dr Bogar Presents _webDr. Bogar presenting radiographic findings at Homecoming.

Homecoming is a great time for students to mingle with fellow graduates. The weekend is full of speakers with a broad range of topics and a great way for alumni to earn CEUs. One of the speakers was discussing the role of chiropractors as primary care physicians and utilizing that role to serve those unable to afford health care. The keynote speaker on Friday before the pig roast was an ND, Dr. Joe Pizzorno, who spoke of the role of the natural medicine professional in the new health care paradigm. That was a great way to kick off homecoming.

Alumni can also mingle with old classmates and tour the university to see all of the updates that have been occurred, including the small garden planted by the ND students. The garden contains many botanical plants as well as a few Chinese botanicals. There were student opportunities, such as the chiropractic students manning a clinic and giving free adjustments for alumni. Students are able to attend some of the festivities and lectures for or a minimal fee.  

I like the idea of homecoming because it is a great way to mingle and make contacts with other professionals. It is especially important for those soon to be graduating. My husband talked with a few doctors and we will soon be contacting them to visit their office. Many of the doctors like to share the wisdom they have learned along the way during their careers.

Acupuncture is fairly new to the university, but, hopefully, it won't be long before we see more acupuncture grads at homecoming as well as speakers. Next year, I will be attending homecoming as an alumni. :)  

Only 67 days till graduation!

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