9,000 Needles, Vol. 2

Before I begin to talk about the title of this week's blog, I am happy to announce I did well on all of my exams. Yeah, go me! I try not to freak out before tests, but this trimester is pretty challenging.

The Documentary

As I mentioned last week, the AOM club was hosting the film "9000 Needles" here at the school. The proceeds were to benefit the gentleman, Devin Dearth, on whom the film was based. The movie was offered on two days and I helped with the first day. We had a nice turnout of about 40 people and I think Wednesday's turnout was similar. Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the film and our profession.

The movie was a great way to see how effective Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) integrated with western medicine could be on an individual who may not have much hope with western medicine alone. The documentary takes the viewer on a heart-wrenching journey of Devin Dearth (a former bodybuilder) and his family's conviction to get the best care and rehabilitation after Devin's debilitating intracerebral stroke. After insurance claims were exhausted, their only option was to continue rehabilitation and pay out of pocket. The catch: it would cost the family $150,000 a month to continue care at the state-of-the-art rehabilitation center he was attending.

Devin's brother investigated other alternatives and came across TOM. A hospital in Tian Jin, China, integrates TOM with western medicine to achieve incredible results. From the day he stepped into the hospital to the day he left 10 weeks later, he received nothing but the best care. Everyone from the doctors to the cleaning staff treated him like family. They gave great moral support and really wanted him to recover. For example, Devin could barely move any of his limbs when he arrived at the hospital and on the first day after receiving acupuncture with electric stimulation, herbs, cupping, and tui na, he was able to lift his right leg four inches off the bed! How incredible to see after other therapies could hardly come close to that success. I quote, "He received more treatment in one day than in weeks in the U.S."  

I don't want to spoil the movie for you, but Devin does make significant recovery and I think it proves that oriental medicine and western medicine can achieve better results together. I hope this film is enlightening for those who are doubtful of our medicine as it proves success.

Top -drsPictured above (L-R) are Dr. Yurasek, Dr. Kwon and Noel Jenson, president of AOM club.

After the show, Dr. Yihyun Kwon, assistant professor of acupuncture and oriental medicine, gave a presentation on stroke. Dr. Kwon, who attended Kyung Hee University for his PhD, wrote his thesis on stroke and has significant knowledge on how to treat stroke victims. Dr. Kwon always wondered why so many stroke victims in Asia have been successfully treated but not in the U.S. Many of the victims are not aware of the benefits acupuncture and TOM have to offer. Dr. Kwon wants to extend his knowledge of how to treat these patients to our students at National. Dr. Kwon, with help from our assistant dean, Dr. Frank Yurasek and other fellow professors have started a stroke case study. We are looking for those individuals who have had a stroke between 1.5 months up to a year ago that would like to participate in a 12-week program.  So please spread the word and contact Dr. Kwon at 630-889-6608, ykwon@nuhs.edu for more inclusion criteria.

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