Let It Snow in Chicago!

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Oh boy, did it snow in the Midwest this past week! In our area, we had a total of 21 inches. Even though Chicago was prepared for the storm, it still was a messy cleanup. Needless to say, National University instituted a "snow day" and classes and clinic were cancelled on Wednesday. 

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Endometriosis Webinar

It was unfortunate school was closed because the AOM club had arranged for a webinar to be seen on campus, to which we had no access. The topic was Endometriosis and it was given by Giovanni Maciocia. Dr. Maciocia is a leader in Traditional Chinese Medicine and he has written several books that a student will become familiar with. He has studied extensively in China and is also very affluent in Chinese herbs. Endometriosis is commonly seen in the patient population so as students we were thrilled to learn more on the topic. I recently learned we do have the opportunity to see a re-broadcast. Yippie!

Infertility Seminar

Speaking of seminars, I was fortunate to attend an Infertility Seminar in Chicago a few weekends back. The presenter was Richard Blitstein, a graduate and former professor of Pacific College of OM. It was a two-day seminar that included biomedical foundation of what, why and how infertility occurs - whether it is due to a hormone imbalance, no follicle growth or pituitary related. Mr. Blitstein also included information on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

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As seen in clinic, many women are combining Oriental Medicine with IUI or IVF. Truthfully, I haven't learned much on the processes of either so this was of much help. Mr. Blitstein discussed the medications women use during the treatment and how they affect the process. Acupuncture methods, diagnosis, and herbs were incorporated into each cycle of the ART process. Other topics discussed were PCOS, also very popular in clinic, autoimmune infertility, and premature ovarian failure. I was impressed with the seminar because he clearly spelled out the Western meds used in infertility. Patients will expect us as practitioners to be familiar with the meds they are taking. It is also our duty to know the impact of the meds they are taking, as well as any side effects.  

Studies have shown Acupuncture to increase implantation of approximately 10% when administered before and after IUI or IVF. Those treatments have a 20-40% success rate, but with acupuncture, it could be as high as 50% success rate or more. Women with infertility like those higher numbers and are definitely seeking out ways to improve their fertility. I would love to be a part of that success.

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