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The much needed winter break has ended, and as always I still feel like I need another week - but then again who doesn't. Our winter breaks are usually three weeks long and spring and summer breaks last two weeks.

Office Environment

Three weeks was long enough for my husband and I to do some business shopping. We had the chance to visit an acupuncturist in Oak Park and a chiropractor. Each practitioner gave us different advice but all very helpful. The office atmospheres were completely different.

The acupuncture office was more exotic and peaceful but professional, which I really liked. I think when a patient walks in the door they should breathe a breath of relaxation, which I felt was accomplished in that office. The chiropractic office was very professional and big with lots of light. It was a typical medical office environment and in my opinion not very relaxing.

After listening to both practitioners, it seemed they tailored their environment to their patients' needs and expectations. For my husband and I, it gave us a big clue as to what kind of environment we should strive for.

Community Contacts

We also got a jump on the business ball by stopping into the local Chamber of Commerce, which offered us much help, as well as steered us in the direction of a reputable commercial real estate agent. Even though we are looking a little early, I think it shows our dedication and ambition as business owners to these individuals (who could possibly be future patients). We also interviewed an accountant who offered us loads of information free of charge. 

My advice to you, future students and possible business owners, is to check out all of your business opportunities way in advance of graduation. Talk to as many practitioners in the area in which you are thinking of practicing because they can each give you valuable information as well as warn you of any mistakes they have made. 

AOM Graduation

On another note, the Fall 2010 graduating class was the largest so far for the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program. Cherlyn, one of our Oriental Medicine grads will be traveling to China in a month or so.  She will be attending the program set up by our Hui Yan Dr. Cai. Cherlyn will be teaching English to students in exchange for room and board as well as attending grand rounds in a University Hospital in Xi'an. We have had two graduates enter the program so far.  I plan to stay in touch with Cherlyn to give everyone details on her year-long trip.

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Stay tuned for upcoming weeks in which I will be sharing details of my lunch with a former graduate and the infertility seminar I just attended.

Happy New Year!

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