What a Week!

Wow, what a week it has been. Clinic seems to be crazier than ever. I blame it on the full moon after the spring solstice!

It never fails but no matter how hard you try not to be like your parents, one way or another you will take on at least one of their traits. And mine is time management. In clinic we have a time slot of one hour and 20 minutes for each patient, and double that for new patients because their intake takes longer than a re-exam. As much as I try, my intake always takes longer then I allot myself. I don't think this bothers patients unless they are in a hurry, but I do get teased by fellow classmates or clinicians.

I guess, I know how much I hate the typical question-answer intake, and like one of my professors put it, "get a narrative from the patient." I find by letting the patient talk about their week, they will answer my questions but I will also learn more than if I just asked a serious of questions. Dr. Cai knows me by now and often pops her head in to see how everything is progressing.  

But, this is a concern of mine especially when I start my own clinic with my husband. It seems like a double edge sword. A patient's comfort is important, but time management is as well because underneath there is a business to run. I haven't had business class yet, but when I do, I hope time management will be a portion of it.  

Monday I had a new patient who came in for sinus congestion and phlegm accumulation. As I was taking his intake with the chiropractic student, I learned he could not take a deep breath without coughing. After listening to his lungs, the chiropractic clinician decided the patient needed X-rays of his lungs and blood tests to rule out cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, or infection of any kind. This was an awesome learning experience because even though I haven't had radiology class, I am in lab diagnosis and knew what we would be looking for on a CBC (complete blood count panel). I also was able to observe the process involved in setting up and taking X-rays. It was really cool!

Needless to say I was scrambling to jumble treating him and my last patient. I still needed to fill out the 'first time patient' paperwork and make my herbal preparation and fill out my S.O.A.P notes for my second patient. After all was said and done, I didn't get out of clinic until 1:15 and my shift ended at noon. Wow, I am out of breath just writing about it.

Top -fam

This weekend I did get to relax by going shopping for my upcoming Hawaii trip!! Yay!! And on Sunday, my husband and I celebrated Easter with our families at our favorite Hungarian restaurant, The Epicurean. (I am part Hungarian.) It was nice to visit with family and have a few good laughs.

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