Being a student at National, I am surrounded by other complementary medicine fields as well as student organizations formed to support their field of medicine. Many of these clubs have professionals from their field come to the school to present on a topic within their specialty. This is a good opportunity for students to gather information or ask questions to practicing professionals as well as learn new things.

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Free Food and Free knowledge!

SACA (Student American Chiropractic Association) offered a seminar by Prudential Insurance. Two Prudential representatives came to National to talk about what the Prudential Insurance Company offers to individuals as well as business owners.

Working for a bank for eight years, I am well read on the subjects they presented but still learned something new. The seminars included topics on different types of insurance and investing for the future. They also provided brochures on crucial business phases and tips to handle them.  

It's crucial for everyone to start saving early for retirement because the more time you are invested, the more your money will double. The gentleman referred to this as the "rule of 72" - 72 divided by your rate of return will equal the years it will take your money to double. That's why it's crucial to start early even if you are only contributing small amounts. 

It's also important to diversify your money so it has a better opportunity to grow. The presenters also explained how to save while deferring taxes from the interest you earn. They discussed the many different types of insurance one may want or need, especially in this economy when there seems to be many without a job. They even explained how to protect your estate in the future.

This was one of the many presentations offered by the clubs at school. I missed a topic on gluten sensitivity and the brain offered by P.E.D.S (the pediatric club) because I had class. Maybe next time.

As a student at National you have many opportunities to broaden your knowledge for free.

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