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Week seven has come and gone and now I am studying for midterms. I am also working on my business plan which is due in a couple weeks. Hopefully, Dr. Hodges our business professor is able to find someone from the Acupuncture field to talk about the ups and downs of going into business.

Speaking of business…On Wednesday, I helped my friend Jennifer present at the Lenore Cox Foundation Group. The group was set up to keep women and men informed on ways to keep the body young, healthy and mobile. Jennifer and I gave a presentation of ways to stay healthy in the fall and winter using food and qigong exercises.  

We kept the presentation fun and interactive which kept the group wanting more.  The group of mostly women seemed very appreciative to learn ways to combat the common cold, digestive disorders and insomnia.  This was a great way to experience what it will be like when I start to market my practice and the field of acupuncture.  It was also a great way to fine-tune my public speaking skills. The one thing I did learn was that I must learn how to interpret the lingo of TCM.  Words such as wind heat or constitution have no significance to the public. 

The school is also abuzz regarding the upcoming visit from the NCCAOM accrediting team.  National's AOM programs, since they are new, have been working through the various steps toward full accreditation.  The accreditation team's visit will take place on December 1-3, 2010. 

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Well enough talk, I have to get back to studying for my two herb exams.  The picture is of my Herbal Formula 2 class with Dr. Gary Xie our instructor.

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