About Me

Dia _webMy name is Dia Pfleger. I am proud mom of five wonderful children. After my son was diagnosis with severe autism, I turned to alternative medicine and I fell in love with acupuncture and Pediatric Tui Na. My son is one of the many children who are developmentally delayed who have had great success with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). His success was so profound that I left a corporate human resource management position to pursue my master's degree in acupuncture.

The AOM Program at National University is challenging but we have outstanding instructors who truly care and are passionate about their students and patient's well being, which makes my experience here at NUHS incomparable to any other university. I am very active in the community and volunteer for American Cancer Society, Autism Society of Illinois, Epilepsy Foundation, and American Heart Association. I have always believed that one person can make a positive impact in another person's life but we first must begin with our "self." I enjoy blogging. I feel we all have a story to tell through our life experiences and we can learn so much from others and our own experiences.