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Holiday Stress

This week I wanted to talk about holiday stress. It is now November and holiday season is here. I feel like the holiday season gets earlier and earlier each year. The holidays should be a stress-free time for us, but usually it is the most stressful time of the year. I feel holiday time can potentially be very taxing between the physical demands of traveling and socializing, and the emotional aspects of meeting with family.

Environmental factors, even on a subtle scale, can also influence the general mood. I know that every holiday I am stressed out completely. If it's not the stress of school and graduating this trimester, it's the endless Christmas list my five children have given me, or the search for the perfect toy that is usually sold out or on back order. Did I mention also having to plan and cook the perfect meals and not overindulge in eating? I become pretty stressed. I know I am not alone. Right?


Ways to Cope with Holiday Stress: 5 healthy tips

1. Keep it simple! Don't over commit yourself to friends and family.

2. Live in the moment. Start off your day with an intention of being aware and in the present all through the day. Create and declare an affirmation that will set the tone of your whole day. Not only will you be better equipped to cope with stress, you might even find some new perspectives that you didn't see before. When you start with awareness, you have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy outlook and a good mood and health balance all through the day.

3. Take time out. If you are feeling tired or stressed, take time out for yourself. I am a firm believer in naps and taking time out for me.

4. Be thankful. Add up everything you are thankful for in your head and see if your mood doesn't improve as well as your perspective.

5. Acupuncture once a week to help with stress, along with mediation, massage, and exercise. This will definitely help your stress levels not just during the holiday season but anytime.

Thank you for you continued support of the AOM Blog. Happy Week 10!