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The Michael DeStefano Foundation

This week, I want to tell you about an amazing foundation. It is called the Michael DeStefano Foundation. Michael DeStefano and his family have been such a wonderful inspiration to our AOM clinic every Tuesday morning that I feel compelled to share their story.

Mike (yellow shirt) with his mother Debbie (scarf)

Michael was born and raised in Addison, Illinois, a suburb just west of Chicago. Mike and his older brother, Nick, have developed a strong friendship. Mike is an enthusiastic sports fan and top-notch athlete. His parents, Pete and Debbie, are loving and devoted parents who taught Michael the values of being loyal, caring, family-oriented, and dedicated.

During his summer break from Illinois State University in 2009, Michael's life tragically changed. While riding home from work with a friend, an unexplainable auto accident occurred, which left Mike clinging to life and suffering from traumatic brain injury. Throughout a long and arduous process, Mike has continued to improve and his recovery has surprised even his doctors, although he still has a long road ahead of him.

2013-10-29_destefano _cards
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After the accident, the Michael A. DeStefano Foundation was created. The goal of the foundation is to provide advocacy for families who have suffered many hardships as a result of a family member who has traumatic brain injuries.

Michael's mom Debbie has spoken at many events. She spoke to our senior acupuncture seminar class at National University of Health Sciences last trimester.

The foundation is planning a fundraiser in 2014. If you would like more information about the Michael DeStefano Foundation, you can like them on Facebook or go directly to their website:

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NUHS AOM Students First Walk for Acupuncture

First, I would like to say welcome back students and faculty at NUHS. I had a wonderful two weeks break. At the end of this trimester, I will graduate with my master's degree in acupuncture. I will still be around campus, though, since I officially dual-enrolled this trimester in the naturopathic medicine program and will be working on second doctorate at Midwestern University in Downers Grove starting in winter quarter.


This week's blog is about the first Illinois Walk for Acupuncture sponsored by the Illinois Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (ILaaom).  ILaaom is Illinois' oldest professional organization representing licensed acupuncturists and students, along with oriental medical schools and acupuncture-related businesses. It is registered with the State of Illinois as a nonprofit corporation. ILaaom was formed in 1983 (as the Illinois State Acupuncture Association) to be the unifying force for Illinois acupuncturists to uphold ethical and well-regulated standards of practice and to lobby for legislation to advance the profession. ILaaom acknowledges and respects all traditions of acupuncture and oriental medicine, and believes that cooperation and strength among practitioners and supporters will ensure that this ancient medical art will retain its integrity and achieve the recognition and legal status to which it is entitled, thus enhancing the quality of health care for people in Illinois.


The first Illinois walk for acupuncture was held this past Saturday, September 7th from 9am to 12pm in downtown Chicago along our beautiful lakefront. We had a great turnout. They coined the phrase "Move your Qi - Walk for Acupuncture." Everyone had a great time!


The walk helped raised money to continue our work of increasing awareness of the benefits of acupuncture, advancing and defending the practice of acupuncture in Illinois, and improving services and support for practitioners. ILaaom will be having future walks and events. You can visit their website: Support Acupuncture.

A Big Thanks to NUHS students, friends, and family who were able to attend the event.

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