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Cosmetic Acupuncture - Does It Really Work?

Recently, I have had three female patients inquiring about facial cosmetic acupuncture. These patients wanted to work on specific areas on their face, for example crow's feet and laugh lines. The acupuncture program at NUHS does offer a course in Microsystems and Advanced Acupuncture where we discuss cosmetic acupuncture. Many people in recent years have used acupuncture for "face-lift" or "facial-toning" treatments. 

I have one patient in her early 50s who I treated last trimester for cosmetic facial acupuncture. She reported that she felt a tightening sensation on her face after five acupuncture sessions. After 10 acupuncture sessions, she had visible changes observed on her facial laugh lines. Prior to her treatment, the patient had very deep laugh lines and now you can barely see them. She was very satisfied with the results. I must clarify that this was not her chief complaint but a secondary objective she wanted to work on. 

2013-06-17_laughlinesI believe her amazing results are due to acupuncture, but I also believe her results were due to her overall health. My patient gives herself daily facial massage and uses moisturizer with sunscreen. She has a balanced diet, exercises, and drinks a lot of water, which I believe contributed to her amazing results of rejuvenation in the laugh line area. 

Our facial complexion is a reflection of overall general health. I know that cosmetic acupuncture does work, but results may vary from patient to patient. There is advantage to using a holistic approach to address our skin aging without going under the knife or injecting toxins into our body to look or feel better. 

Word to the Wise: Patients should not expect to wake up from their treatments looking 20 years younger! In addition, as mentioned earlier, results vary from patient to patient. There are contraindications with cosmetic acupuncture and there may bruising and bleeding on the face. I also recommend that patients come in once a month for maintenance treatment once they have optimal results. 

Thank you for your continued support of the AOM program. Good luck on Midterms!