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This is my last blog. I will be graduating next week. I have so many emotions I really can't describe them all, but I wanted to express my gratitude to the university, professors and my fellow peers.

2013-12-05_frozenMy journey does not end here. It is just the beginning. I am very thankful that I was able to further my education, especially with the obstacles. It is difficult to raise a family in this day and age, especially a family of seven. I am thankful to each of my children and my husband for the many sacrifices the family made to see me through the past two and one-half years in the Master of Science in Acupuncture Program.

I have been truly blessed with a great support system of friends, family and a wonderful father-in-law, Father Michael Pfleger. My success is true testimony to anyone that you can go back to school AND raise a family.

I did have difficult times. I had a few trimesters where I just wanted to throw in the towel and go back to Human Resource Management because we desperately needed the money. There was a point in time where we lived in hotels and the entire family was dislocated. I had to reach out in the community to food pantries and government supplemental assistance. I never gave up my hope or faith.

2013-12-05_turkeyOf course, remember that saying, "What does not kill you makes you stronger." My experience here at National made me a stronger person, a better mom, and a caring, compassionate practitioner. I look forward to passing the boards and working with a fellow graduate in Lisle, Illinois, and also continuing my education.

I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been given. This would not be the case if I did not further my education. I encourage those who are thinking about going back to school for their master's or doctorate to pursue it now!

Remember: Juli Yelnick will be the new AOM blogger staring next trimester. I look forward to reading her blogs and learning from her experiences.


Happy Holidays! Happy Studying! Congratulations to the graduates of the NUHS December Class of 2013. Happy New Year!

Introducing Juli Yelnick

2013-11-27_juliI thought this week would be best time to introduce my fellow colleague and classmate Juli Yelnick. Juli will be the new AOM blogger next trimester. I am graduating this trimester on December 12 with my Master of Science in Acupuncture with honors. I will still be around NUHS because I am also in the doctor of naturopathic medicine program. I also will be working with a former colleague as a licensed acupuncturist in her practice in March after I pass the boards, of course, in January. I am currently in process of publishing two journal articles and writing my own book.

Juli Yelnick is a wife, mother, teacher, and student of oriental medicine. She began the AOM master's program in Fall 2012, and she continues to enjoy that journey today. Julie has always been interested in natural living, and the need to reduce exposure to unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals becomes even more apparent when you become a parent. Through this program at NUHS, she is learning how to be well the natural way, and wants to share this with others.

In addition to attending the evening AOM classes, Juli teaches World Culture and American History classes at the college level. Anthropology has always been my passionate research interest, so adding ancient Chinese traditions to the mix is nothing but fun for her! Juli loves integrating what she learns at NUHS into the courses that she designs, and she recently had the opportunity to co-author an Anthropology text book that explored the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate world cultures and values. Currently, she is gearing up to coordinate a return medical brigade to Nicaragua through the integrative medicine non-profit organization Natural Doctors International.

I want to personally thank everyone who has supported the AOM blog. I have enjoyed sharing my many cases and experiences with you all.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Good Luck on Finals! Congratulation to our graduates of Fall 2013!

Graduating Senior Interview - Meet Lauren Warner

2013-07-23_laurenQ: Why did you decide to come to National University of Health Sciences and dual enroll in both chiropractic and acupuncture?

A: I majored in mass communication and nutrition in undergrad at Miami, and when I graduated, I ended up working in the advertising industry for 4.5 years. It was a great experience, but I really wanted to be involved with health care and wanted to help people on a day-to-day basis. My father is a chiropractor and I've seen what a great influence he's had on his patients and their well-being over the years. I chose NUHS because of the well-rounded curriculum and evidence-based practice program. In my 4th trimester of the DC program, I decided to try acupuncture in the clinic to see what I thought about it, just in case I was going to recommend it to patients in the future. I ended up loving it so much I decided to pursue my master's degree in acupuncture.

Q: What are the pros and cons of dual enrollment?

A: Being dual-enrolled was great because the acupuncture classes are at night, so I was able to do both programs full-time without having to slow down. It was also nice when studying to be able to approach a condition from a western and eastern medicine standpoint. Both chiropractic and acupuncture are awesome treatments on their own, but they are so complementary with each other that it's very beneficial for the patients to have a practitioner that can do both. The downside of being dual-enrolled is that it can be exhausting and it's easy to get burned out. Since I chose to stay full-time with both programs, there were multiple 14-hour days in there that really kicked my butt.  

Q: What are the pros and cons of AOM clinic and DC clinic?

A: The pros are that you get to see a variety of patients and get to use both eastern and western treatments. The clinic experience has been great on both sides, and the clinicians are awesome and have really given me the guidance I needed. The AOM clinic has allowed me to work with veterans here in Lombard and work in a hospital atmosphere downtown as well. However, it can be frustrating, because even as a dual-enrolled student I still had to treat an AOM patient with acupuncture and a DC patient with chiropractic, and I couldn't combine them in the same visit because they are separate shifts and are overseen by separate clinicians. But it's still good experience because it gives me an idea of how I'll operate when I have my own practice.

Q: Where do you see the future of integrative medicine?

A: I think more and more patients are going to be searching for a doctor or health care practice that can provide them with a variety of treatment strategies instead of a single option. I think patients can only benefit from having a plethora of resources available to them that address them as a whole person and take into account all aspects of their lifestyle. Students should really read up on Andrew Weil, MD, who has put out some great material regarding the importance of integrative medicine. A recent article described his treatment strategy as "not being wedded to a particular dogma, western or eastern, only to the get-the-patient-better philosophy," which is the way all practitioners should think.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: I will be opening my own practice in Indiana after I graduate in August. I'll be working out of the same office as my soon-to-be husband, who is also an NUHS graduate, so it will be nice to have a National colleague to bounce ideas off of. He does a lot of ART/DNS/MacKenzie work, where I will focus more on acupuncture, so we'll have a variety of treatment options for our patients. I'd love to get in part-time with a hospital in the area after a few years of private practice, as well as focus on using my advertising background to work with national and state organizations to promote CAM therapies.

A BIG thanks to Lauren! We wish her the best in her future endeavors and upcoming wedding in August.

Thank you for your continued support in the AOM blog!  Have a great week as we count down to finals and graduation.