Salt Cave Therapy

I wanted to try an alternative therapy for my allergies and annoying cough that I developed a week and a half ago. A colleague recommended that I try salt cave therapy. I had never heard of it but was willing try it out. 

Salt cave therapy is touted as an all-natural way to help relieve symptoms from allergies, asthma, even bronchitis and common cold. Salt therapy started in early Europe during Roman and Medieval times. 


The Salt Cave Therapy is literally a cave-like setting in which you are completely surrounded by salts (surface, room, floor) and natural minerals. The therapeutic level of treatment is 45-50 minutes where you sit and relax as air enriched with sea iodine is introduced in the room. 

How does it work? Well, when you breathe the salt particles into your body, it supposedly allows anti-infectious property power to help stimulate your immune system to help bring overall balance to your body and also help you recover quicker from symptoms you are currently experiencing. 

I experienced the Salt Caves last Thursday afternoon at a spa in Naperville called Timeless Spa and Salt Cave. I really enjoyed the experience. The cost was $25 dollars for 48 minutes. I had a private adult session, which was very relaxing. The spa also has adult and children sessions. The best way to describe my experience at the salt cave would be, "It was like being at an ocean beach breathing in salt water air." The staff was very friendly. I wore my regular clothes into the salt cave but had to wear white socks. The spa provided mediation music, lighting, zero gravity chairs, and blankets. You are allowed to walk around the room and enjoy some reflexology for your feet but are asked to remain in the zero gravity chairs when the treatment starts. I did not fall asleep but I did focus on deep breathing exercises. 


After the treatment, I felt more relaxed. My coughing and sneezing stopped. I was able to breath easier. This lasted for three days. They recommend 5-10 sessions. I would definitely go back next week and bring my three-year-old son who has been recently diagnosed with asthma. There are a few other salt caves in Chicago and Glen Ellyn if you are interested in salt therapy for allergies, asthma and upper respiratory issues. 

Recommendations: If you are interested in the salt caves you should check with your physician, especially if you are currently under doctor's care for serious conditions. It is also not recommended if you have thyroid issues or are pregnant. 

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