Latest Acupuncture Legislation

According to the Acupuncture Today April 2013 edition, the New Year has proven to be a promising one for acupuncturists nationwide. There are several petitions that are being currently looked at in White House concerning the future of acupuncture. There is one petition in particular that has gained momentum and attention in the White House.


The petition was created on Jan 11, 2013. The petition makes the case that studies have shown that when acupuncturist are directly involved in patient care, patient recover faster. The White House petition is to recognize acupuncture as profession that is included in Medicare system. We know have a total of 27,347 signatures.

If you are wondering what were the case studies? Mostly the case studies came from pain management issues involving the direct patient involvement with an acupuncturist. I would like to note that many professions are already recognized in the Social Security Act and therefore included in the Medicare system, for example midwives, dieticians, physician's assistants, and social workers.

The states that are currently being looked at by the White House are California, Maryland, New Mexico, Washington, Nevada, and Alaska. It is now a waiting game for the rest of us acupuncturists nationwide to see where our profession finds it place in the mainstream Medicare system.

If you want to view the petition, go to Recognize Acupuncturists as Healthcare Providers. If you have additional question please contact NCCAOM and AAAOM

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