AOM and Autism

"Autism rates in the U.S. risen dramatically 1 in 88 children has some form the autistic disorder." -- CDC World Report, March 2012

Autism derailed the life I once had and seemed to smash my hopes and dreams for Mykael (pronounce Michael). I am a proud Catholic mom. I believe that when God gives you a blessing we must always be thankful. Mykael was born on April 30, 2005. The labor and delivery lasted 20 hours. His long awaited arrival made it the most memorable blessing out of my 5 children.

I began to notice a change in Mykael around 12 months old, shortly after his vaccination shots. He was different from my other two children. He was very reserved and quiet. He did not say much; in fact, I had a hard time getting him engaged in anything. I sort of brushed it off, that maybe Mykael was developing at his own rate.


I became more concerned around a year and half. Mykael started rocking back and forth and continued to have no interest in anything. At 16 months, I knew something was very wrong with my son. My pediatrician completely dismissed my concerns. My gut was telling me something different. Mykael was in his own world and began isolating himself from the rest of the family. He no longer made eye contact with me. His beautiful brown eyes seemed lifeless like a doll's. I called the pediatrician again and made another appointment. She thought I was crazy, I could hear it in her voice. She saw nothing wrong with Mykael. I knew that I was not crazy. Words of Wisdom: Remember to always follow your gut because it is usually 99.9% right. I changed pediatricians but I was told the same thing.

After relocating  back to the Midwest, a good friend of mine referred me to a progressive pediatrician in Naperville, IL, who confirmed what I had already known deep down inside--that my son was autistic at 3 years old. Mykael was diagnosed with severe autism with ADHD. He was a "classic" case which displayed speech delay, repetitive movements, and increase sensitivity to noise or any environmental changes, flapping of the ears, hyperactivity and increased vocalization sounds when agitated or in a distressed state.

I remember crying for two or three weeks after receiving the news. I became angry. I began blaming myself and my husband.  It was a difficult time for me. I felt a sense of overwhelming hopelessness. I remember I woke up one morning and had decided that I would not let autism control my son's future. It may have derailed it, but it certainly had not destroyed his future.

I began researching Autism. I started contacting various local organizations. I was going to fight this death sentence placed unjustly on my son with prayer and inner strength. I came across an article on acupuncture and herbal medicine. We saw an acupuncturist and herbalist and my doubt, my fears, my despair were lifted that day forward.


Mykael Case Study:

Mykael therapy started with pediatric tunia focusing on all the meridians for 10-15 minutes. Then acupressure on these points EX-HN1, yintang, PC6, ST36 and LR3. The Sishencong, HT7, KD3 and SP6 for additional 5-10 minutes. The last five minutes light color therapy focusing on the hands and feet meridians.  It is so hard describe in words my son's transformation. He had left his world and re-entered into the here and now sharing with me the same time and space. After third session, Mykael was uttering actual words one-two sentences. His lifeless vacant stares turned into smiling bright eyes filled with life.

Mykael continues his treatments with me at home, and is currently being treated at National's Whole Health Clinic in Lombard for maintenance and herbal treatments. He is taking an herbal dietary supplement, called Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Pian. This herbal supplement calms his shen (mind), helps with his anxiousness, focus and sleep disturbances. Mykael is now in the first grade for children who are developmentally delayed and disabled. We still have a long journey ahead still but with acupuncture, herbs, pediatric tui na, speech and occupational therapies in place. I feel we are headed in the right direction. Mykael has made awesome progress developmentally, emotionally and socially at home and also at school. 

Thank you for your continued support of the AOM Blog! A special thanks to my special little guy Mykael!