Boost Your Qi

It is true that poor diet, pollution and stresses of daily life all have negative impact on our health and well-being. Let's face it, in our very busy lives we are bombarded by physical and emotional stress that robs us of our vital life energy called Qi. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi fuels the essence that connects our body, mind and spirit. Qi travels and circulates through the channels of our bodies. When your Qi is weak, it stagnates in these channels instead of powerfully flowing. As you age, you may feel as though you no longer have the energy that you once had. 

Dia -QiI don't about most of us but I am always searching for a way for a Qi-boost. Most days. I am bombarded with the noise of five children and information overload from AOM classes at night, online classes for herbal studies and holistic nutrition certification, then working part-time on and off campus, volunteering 4 hours a week, hitting the gym 3 times a week--and that's just my schedule not including my kid's extracurricular activities

With all the non-stop activity, I easily feel drained, scattered, stressed, and completely run-down. My desire is like most of us who are busy people--how can I feel energetic and clear minded and focus? Basically, I want to feel alive and not half-dead most days. 

My personal research has led to some great tips that I have integrated into my life style that may be helpful for students, faculty and our patients. 

  1. Breathe deeply all day. Most people who are under a lot of stress or tension breathe shallowly, up in the throat area. When you breathe deeply into your lungs, you are naturally bringing in more oxygen and activating Qi in your body.
  2. Learn to say no to Qi-robbers. These are activities or places that drain your energy and leave you feeling depleted, for example watching too much TV and experiencing and holding on to negative emotions.
  3. Wear brightly colored clothing and listen to uplifting music to stimulate the flow of your Qi.
  4. Have fun and be spontaneous! If you don't enjoy your day, then your energy will naturally become suppressed.
  5. Eat a balanced diet and exercise. Remember foods and herbs that possess special Qi-fortifying properties include: brown rice, carrots, chicken, china root, eggs, fish, fox nut, ginseng, green beans, leeks, longan fruit, nutmeg, lamb, lotus seed, oats, onion, pearl barley, potatoes, pumpkin, soybeans, squash, string beans, tofu, turnips, and yams. 

Also, keep in mind that to receive optimal benefits from food and herbs, it is crucial that you choose in-season, natural foods with no chemical additives or residues. Also, avoid overeating and under eating because both will rob you of a consistent source of energy.


I am currently taking the herb, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Pian to help boost my Qi.

I hope that these tips will renew your energy.

Thank you for the continued support of the AOM blog. Remember to increase your Qi this week!