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Picking a Chiro School

Hello, everyone. The end is near; I can see the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer and closer. This trimester has flown by. I'm not sure if it was board exams in the middle of the tri, or making the shift to clinic, but I can't believe there are only three weeks left. We all have to make the final push here soon, so gear up for a strong finish. 

Last week I spoke with an incoming student, and he asked me why I chose National over the other chiropractic schools in the country. I answered that it was the right fit for me. Making a decision to attend a program like the one I'm a part of took some planning and research, after all, the choice ultimately affects the rest of my life.

The prospective student should do their homework when they are looking at schools to attend. I had always wanted to be a dentist, when I realized that choice wasn't the right one for me, I had to do some serious thinking. I began shadowing everyone I could in the medical profession. I knew I wanted to help people, I just wasn't sure how, or to what capacity. After sampling the allopathic profession, I took a look at the alternative aspect of medicine and shadowed my cousin, Dr. Valdez, a chiropractor out of Brandon, Florida. Obviously, that is where I found my fit. Realizing what kind of doctor I wanted to become, was step one; step two was choosing were I would sacrifice the next three-plus years of my life.


This step took some time to work out. I started off researching exactly what was "chiropractic" and then who taught it in a manner I would understand and make sense of. I found I leaned toward a more "mixer" mentality of practicing chiropractic, as opposed to a "straight" chiropractic style. Granted, to an extent, schooling is only as beneficial as you make it, but putting yourself in the correct place to succeed, makes a world of difference.

At this point I started looking into different schools, their philosophies on chiropractic, and the opinions of practicing doctors in my area about those schools. After taking all these factors into consideration, I settled on NUHS. The emphasis National places on evidence based practice and the scientific proof behind what it is we do as chiropractors sold me. In hind sight, I would make the exact same decision again. The decision is always yours, and the more informed you are the better. I'm not saying National is the perfect fit for everyone, but if you're a prospective student, at least give us a look. 

The two-week break is almost here. Do your best to stay focused and knock out those finals, and then it's time to party. If you're worried about finals, and need a study plan refresher, take a look in the past blogs for my awesome three-tiered study plan; it may help.

Have a good week,