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Staying Healthy

Hello everyone, and Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and got a lot of studying in for finals this week. By now everyone should know my stance on being prepared for exams. When you're confident you know the material, no exam is too daunting.


My weekend started with a big Rays win over the Yankees on Friday, and finished strong with 2 more. I was even present (sitting behind home plate, no big deal) for part of the sweep on Saturday.


National Public Health Week

As I'm sure everyone was aware, last week was National Public Health Week. The Florida campus' resident public health guru, Dr. Jaya Prakash made sure this week was honored to the fullest. Dr. Prakash printed out fliers to be passed out to our patients in clinic, and even organized a lunch-in with a panel of speakers to field questions and provide insight on how to make small strides each day towards a healthier lifestyle.


The panel consisted of Dr. David Seaman, Dr. Jennifer Illes, Dr. Rudy Heiser, and Dr. Derek Schramm. This illustrious panel shared easy ways to make each day healthier.

  • For instance, Dr. Seaman shared his infamous anti-inflammatory diet with us (can be found at, and how by avoiding bad oils, sugar, flour and trans fatty acids, you can spare your body from the stresses of inflammation.
  • Dr. Illes shared some helpful tips on eating healthy on a budget, by buying fresh produce from local stands and markets.
  • Exercise is a vital part of staying healthy, and Dr. Heiser offered some suggestions in this regard. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise is recommended each day, which for some of us is hard to fit into our busy schedules. Dr. Heiser spoke about the sprint 8 exercises, a 16-minute alternative that might help you squeeze in some cardio each day. (By biking on a stationary bike moderately for 2 minutes then sprinting for 30 seconds for 8 repetitions, a sufficient work out can be achieved in half the time.)
  • Finally, Dr. Schramm wrapped up the session by reminding everyone that there is no one solution to the problem. A combination of diet, and exercise is key and to mix it up to keep your road to health an interesting one.

Goodbye to Another Trimester

Another trimester is in the books. I'd like to thank and congratulate our graduating 10th trimester interns from Illinois, especially Mark Bencivengo and Katelyn Intres. Mark and Katie took us 8th tri interns under their wings through the past few months showing us the ropes in the clinic, helping us treat patients, write reports, and most importantly keep Dr. Heiser happy. I have the utmost respect for you guys and have all the confidence in the world that you both are going to make incredible physicians.

I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing break. GO RAYS!!! 

Catch ya on the flip-side,